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Customize Blog Post & Set Font Family and Font Sizes | WordPress Plugins

Customize Blog Post & Set Font Family and Font Sizes | WordPress Plugins

From first to last uploaded video, I have clear on How to make website , Customize website with example on my own site KHBRI.IN guided you step by step. then after putting blog on that website. After that you well know, How to install Plugins and role. But, now … I am going to talk on importance plugins where you can customize Blog & Get support on SEO You need to customize this content well and you are looking that , tool present for bold only some features on this. you will get more feature by using other plugins So, Introducing this Plugins left this post to saved in Draft and need to go on Plugin tab from dashboard you not now publish this content, you just saved in “draft” done as ” Save Draft”… … Now , I am going to get more addition features in tool. You need to go Plugins tab from dashboard. & search as ” TIMY MCA” but i not getting remember that exact word but search with key words… this is Andrew Ozz’s Plugins You need to Install and then after “Active” When you active that plugins then we are going on post which saved in “Draft” post which is present in DRAFT.to edit agin. now i am going to EDIT when i open to edit then you able to see some additional feature to help you to customize your Post content as you are seeing this… tab to attached file. Now you can choose font for content and it’s size. In this way, you will get addition feature you are will seeing that some more addition feature added through this plugins, you gutted some help to customize If, you still not make or not clear on making website You can contact on this side given NO. “Namskar”… My Name is RANA VISHAL & You are watching SayHype through YouTube, i help you to develop Digital Skill in You. Now a days, I am regularly Uploading Video related on Digital Marketing. From where you can learn complete course of #DIGITAL Marketing On Playlist.

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