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cursive s & t

hey this is cursive S and T I’m going to
start with the capital s A capital S starts at the bottom it comes slanted up it comes around and
then straight down then it comes to the back and back through all right let’s
try it again it comes up around backwards straight down there curves
back and comes through okay here’s another one up and around back and
through been around okay this is a capital S be careful because if you’re
coming straight up when you curve around it will work but it’s going to look much
better if you come up slanted and then come down and back through alright
you’re gonna finish out your line I’m gonna come and then come down
and start at lower case s lower case s comes up to the line and then cars back
down and comes back out up to the line comes in comes out up down and back out
you need to make sure it’s rounded because if you make it straight it’s not
an S it’s an R so you need to make sure it comes up comes back in
and out okay so you’re gonna finish your line and then you can come down here and
connect when you connect a lowercase s comes out and over and around going into
an S from another letter it just comes up and keeps going now let’s say
you are going into an S from a B let’s we don’t need to be we can use the W so
a W is very much like a B it has that line that comes out like this that’s how
we know it’s a W so the S just picks up from that line okay you’re not going to
go down first you’re just going to pick up from where it left off let’s
look at a word this is sis so it would be s i s okay let’s see not saying many
other ones that should give us trouble we’ll do bow just to remember how to do
the B remember it comes out here and then you’re o just starts from where
you are and then your W comes through comes out and your s just picks up
from where you were Susan is my oldest sister so if we were
gonna do Susan we would need that capital s u-s-a-n you can finish
is my eldest sister on the back in the back you’ve got capital T okay the
capital T starts at the top comes down and back
and then you come back over the top and cross it it’s very it’s almost exactly
the same as an F except in an F you would come back and cross right here
okay now some people will do a capital T where they start it with the line and
then do the bottom okay some people will do a capital T just normal that’s not the
cursive T okay so a cursive T comes down makes a loop and then comes back across
and crosses it down and then cross like I said the only thing that makes it
different from an F if we were doing a capital F we would have crossed it here
see how similar they look so at T capital T is basically the same as a
capital F it’s just not crossed okay you can finish your line then let’s look
at lowercase T lowercase T comes up and they only come up halfway I usually come
up all the way and then you cross up and down and cross up and down and cross up
and down and cross be careful that you don’t loop it because if you’re leaving
a loop in it that’s an L that’s not a T okay so you need to make sure that you
come up and you trace straight back down to make a T when you’re writing it
in words you do your T and then your a and
when you finish the word you go back and cross it okay you don’t this would
be incorrect you don’t do T cross it and then come back and do the I that’s
incorrect you would do the T and the I and then come back and cross it okay
most of these look pretty simple you should know how to put them together if
you’re writing a word like that t.h a suit I’m off the
clipboard a tea again you wait she gets in the end of the word to go back and
cross it toe t o e and then you come back and cross it I did want to mention
that I’ve been noticing a lot of people making their O’s and they look kind of
like this that looks like an a that does not look like an O make sure that when
you do your o that you’re getting the loop on the top so that it looks like an
O instead of an A okay and then you should be able to do the rest of those
words the teach are let’s do a cop in another capital T T pick up your pencil
and then do H and E now some people will do will start with the T here and then
they’ll come and they’ll bring it through and they’ll connect and that’s
okay you can do either or okay and then you say teacher and at the end you come
back and cross and then taught Tom to tumble all right you finish out your
sheet and you’re finished turning in the basket

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