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Current Favorite Acts of Self Love | Easy Ways to Feel Great

Current Favorite Acts of Self Love | Easy Ways to Feel Great

Hey everyone today I wanted to talk to you about five of my current favorite acts of self love so these are things that I try to work into Every day of my life, so that I can feel good from the inside out. I would love love In so many ways if you would Drop some of your favorite ways to love yourself in the comments down below So that I can read them and work them into my day-To-day life And then anyone else that comes along and reads them can do the same if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up If you enjoy my content, please subscribe because I would love to have you here next time I think that’s all we have to talk about so let’s jump into the video the first thing that I want to talk to you Guys about is giving yourself a massage. I really like this one because obviously massages feel wonderful And this one is very easy to work into your everyday life because you can do it anytime That there is soap on any part of your body that you want to massage so if you’re in the shower You can massage your scalp and your neck while you’re shampooing Or any part of your body that has body wash on it while you are washing your hands Anywhere that you are throughout the day if you can also do this while you are applying any lotion or hand cream I did the most with my hands just because I am constantly putting lotion on them And I wash them a lot throughout the day. I also love to massage my face as well I find out to be one of the most relaxing things I first heard about facial massage from Lisa Eldridge So I’ll make sure to link to her video because that is a wonderful feeling especially if you have a headache or something massaging around the eye area and like the Sinuses can feel really really good that is one of the great benefits of massage Is that it can help you manage pain like I said if you’re sick if you have a headache if you’re sore from this gym if you’re holding any tension anywhere massages are great for that they can also really helpful for stimulating the blood flow and Obviously, they are so relaxing the next thing. I want to talk about is just getting outside I know it seems really really simple, but it makes me feel fantastic for one thing I absolutely love the way that the sun feels on my skin. You know what I’m saying there is no replacement for how that feels to me just the warmth on my skin being around the trees having all of that green around me and The beautiful Fresh air I love it I also feel very connected while I’m outside And you know it doesn’t even really matter what you do you can just go out there and sit if you want to just fit Catch up on some emails to your laptop your tablet out there chat on the phone to a friend walk your puppy You know there are so many things that you can do outside, and you know we’re kind of mammal So we kind of a belong outside. I know a lot of us in the Modern world We have these beautiful homes, and we like to be in them, and we work inside and we do so much inside And we’re very used to being inside but being outside is where we… started I think being outside has a lot of emotional and Mental kind of benefits And there are also studies that suggest that there are physical health benefits from being outside as well like the absorption of Vitamin D Spending time outside has also been shown to increase Levels of Serotonin which is known to regulate our moods and digestion. Its also been found that people who spend more time outside Are less depressed and have less stress. So it’s totally worth it to get out there for a little while even if you only have [ten] minutes a day I highly recommend it the next act of self love that I want to talk to you guys about is allowing yourself to play so obviously we are Encouraged to play less and less as we grow and we are encouraged to take life more seriously As we go along now of course. We actually have to do this. You know we have adult responsibilities We have adult lives to take care of and that’s all very important But I do want to suggest that you make time in your life to really be free let your hair down There is no substitute in our lives for laughter and joy and happiness and so allowing Yourself the time to just be one hundred percent free and play I think is really beneficial to the health and feels really really good and as they say Laughter is the best medicine Obviously play can come in so many different for it’s going to be different for each person what we enjoy to do while we’re playing For some people it will involve sports for some people it will involve make up for some people it will involve Games or just hanging out with friends and family and laughing and that’s fine find whatever ways of planning that you like to do and make sure that you work them into your life because at the end of it all if We are always serious all the time life is just not going to be as much fun And we deserve to have a little fun I think it has benefits that we won’t always necessarily think about like think about when you were a kid And you were playing You explored the world more around you you were open to other people you learned a lot through discovery and play an exploration you came up with new ideas you solved problems and you made new friendship and That was all a very easy part of childhood and all we were doing was playing So I think it has a lot of benefits I’ve talked about that enough, I just want to encourage you guys to play some okay guys the next thing that I want to talk about is so So good yoga or just stretching in bed, but I have to say that I prefer Yoga because of the mental benefits that breathing and slowing down brings to me Sometimes I do yoga in bed in the morning and sometimes I do it at night both are very beneficial I find that in the morning when I do yoga it’s a really good time to set my Intentions up for the day to set up my mind set for who I want to be that day and really just ask myself to Approach the world with a certain attitude and then at night when I do it I think it’s a really really good time to say thank you. Thank you for the things that happened in the day Thank you for the different things that you did for yourself. So mentally I kind of go through a gratitude list of the day when I’m doing yoga in my bed at night I don’t know if you’ve ever done yoga, but it’s really nice just in general, but doing it in your bed just adds that extra element of Everything in life is perfect. It’s comfortable It’s relaxing its cozy its everything that you could ever ask yoga to be Really great for my mind really great for my body Just really love to sink into those moments, and it just puts me in a wonderful place So the reason I started doing this was because of an awesome youtuber named Tara Stiles. She has a ton of Different yoga flows that you can do on her channel but I will specifically linked to one of her yoga in bed sets down below my fifth and final act of self-love is Practicing mindfulness and mindfulness is a total state of mind but the reason that’s an act is because we’re going to have to really stay engaged to be mindful if you Haven’t heard of mindfulness. It is a meditative practice, but it’s also a Mindset that you can bring into your every day life I really like the definition by Jon Kabat-Zinn And he defines it as paying attention on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally. One thing that’s really great about this for me is the non-judgment aspect. It puts you in a place to notice the way that things are to make observations about the world around you and not label them as Good or bad Just accept them as they are and find the adjectives that describe Them and like I said sometimes I’ll do it while I am meditating and just really focus on my breath The way that my breath feels in my body the way it feels when my breath moves around my body and stuff like that But other times, I will just be mindful in the moment You know because we’ve been alive and experiencing life for so long We kind of are Habituated to a lot of things for example if I said to you the sky is blue you would accept it But if you really look at the sky right now How many different colors do you actually see I see blue and white and yellow? Looking out at the sky so one thing that this helps me do is to really experience the world as it is Around me and connect with it more without judging it or just assuming it is what it’s always been it makes me feel very Present in the moment and the acceptance and the freedom that comes from being non- judgmental is…is really, really beneficial to my mental and my emotional and my Spiritual life. If this is something that you practice as well I would love for you to share in the comments the different ways that you practice mindfulness those are my at five acts of self love guys They make me [feel] amazing they may feel really good. Definitely enhance my day-To-day life and keep me on the right track Mentally they feel really good to me. I hope that they feel good to you if you try them out in your life Don’t forget to leave me some comments down below with your favorite acts of self love so that I can try them in my life And hopefully if they will make me feel as good as they make you feel I will see you guys very soon Have a good one Oh if you like the video, please give a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy my content I love you guys, and I will see you very soon Bye [peace sign]

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  • Kimberly says:

    YYYYEEEEEESSSS TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! ???????????I have always wanted to try yoga but yoga in bed sounds even better! I'll definitely be trying that 🙂 I try to do a weekly "treat yourself" day where I do an at home spa type day, read a book, watch a movie, etc and completely disconnect from work stress. I practice mindfulness during calligraphy practice, I find it really soothing. Great job Carter!!

  • Aurea says:

    i journal on days where i feel heavy… just having that mental outlet, especially since i'm such a thinker, is great!…

  • Elizabeth Eckert says:

    Love the massage tips! I love foam rolling, especially before and after the gym… the puppy footage is cute ?

  • Beth K says:

    This was really helpful, Carter. I love that all of these are simple and doable. Such a good reminder of ways to be cognizant about feeling great and taking care of ourselves. LOVE the idea of doing yoga in bed. I am so trying this!

  • Usfoods72 says:

    Hi Carter, You have a Great channel… please Join my Yummy channel and Subscribe if you like it 🙂 Thanks and see you soon. Fabrice 🙂

  • Classic Ashley says:

    LOVED this video! I could listen to your voice all day. I like to clean… weird, I know!

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