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CSUSB Students teach Arabic to 4th graders

CSUSB Students teach Arabic to 4th graders

the program is about getting
collaboration between the University and schools students in the Arabic program
and in the College of Arts and Letters they’re very excited about giving back
to the community by learning Arabic while they’re in their schools it’s it
exposes students to a new culture and a new language this program were coming
together between students teachers parents parents it is important for
college students to reach out to the community because it helps us bridge
that gap between college and elementary it’s it’s a big it’s a big gap in
between these two students who have been working on this project are just
wonderful students who learned the language and we’re willing to share it
with others we want to attract students from you know from the neighborhood from
the community it’s very important for us that all students get a chance to go to
college and know about college being able to see students who are already
there for our students it’s it’s very rewarding because it’s in our core with
care and love that we give out and we want to give others too and so it’s
definitely rewarding for a students to I love giving back and they’ve been doing
it out of their own time students always asks ask me about ways to contribute and
give back to the community and this is one of the ways that they can do this so
it’s part of the commitment that we have at Cal State

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