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Creating movie poster style text using the Steel Tongs Font

Creating movie poster style text using the Steel Tongs Font

this video is going to cover the
workflow utilizing steel tongs font to create text for the movie poster
project on d2l. The link for steel tongs to find here and by clicking on
this link it brings us to this page where we can download it now if I click
on steel tongs which is here on screen I will see that it gives us
access to my character to character map is going to be important because that is
going to show me how to get all of these different words or group gained letters
to pair up on screen the key thing to notice is that they have capital letters
that give us the actual letters as we will work with those under-taxed and
lower case letters or symbols are going to give you access to all of the other
kinds of words lower case and will be story by lower case L co-directed by
written by lower case a so we look for what letter corresponds to what we wish
to put on screen yassin all of these characters sometimes
he will be wondering how do I get access to the copyright symbol how do I get
access to any of the other symbols like the cent symbol dollar sign symbol if
it’s not marked on the keyboard that means you’re going to have to use
modifier keys to access those and to do that and the Macintosh we go to our
system preferences and then inside the system preferences under keyboard we can
then pull up show keyboard and character viewers and when I check that box this
little icon shows up here on my main menu bar and the public a keyboard and
click on that it pulls up my keyboard when shows me the letters hold down the
shift key it shows me the capital letters so shift and then we see for
becomes $1 hold down the option key on the keyboard will notice how I get other
characters shown up such as three serious character copyright character
the cents a pound sign and send British pounds so trademark so shift gives me
one set of characters and those we can see on the keyboard but action will give
me additional characters so when I am looking in steel times and trying to
find how do I get a copyright symbol how do I get the reserve symbol how do I get
any of these things that are not just a letter it’s a really good place to find
that so this is how we study our character map and work with that said we
understand it now I need to click the download button and download that file
to download it to the computer and we can do this any of the computers in the
classroom lab or inside the computer lab or in the common areas you can just
download the find keep a copy of it on your zip drives you don’t have to
redownload it every time and just go find it a serious where it is there is
that folder double-click on it that unzips it and now they gives me access
to the fund to install this fund all I have to do is double click on the TTF
file free TrueType font file so I double click and that’s going to launch the
program called Sun book gives me the option to install the client on my
computer so I just simply click on install and it installed with no issues
now that it’s been installed that funds will be available for me to use inside
of Photoshop so if I click over to Photoshop and I saw the text tool looking with the
text or I can scroll down my list of funds and medically so then yes T there
is still hope tongues so I select that and I go back into my web browser to
find out I want to find something written and directed by going to be the
left to see rape fantasy associate producer film by is going to be the star
key ok don’t Photoshop I click here now shift and terror we get something now
that’s kind of hard to read because their text is going to bed at 12 points
that’s pretty small right now so you know interest to the video I’m going to
make it a little bit bigger so i cant it comes up as shown by and now I do the
Catholic you can stay carefree now that would probably be too big if I’m trying
to put all kinds of texts on the bottom of the screen and the reason still times
work so well as the letters are really skinny so you’re able to fit lots and
lots of words into a very tiny space 272 point probably too big even if I do go
back to 12 we can see that that’s small enough I’m putting all kinds of direct produced by started by casting by weapon
designed by our Design went on and on and on but we may 1 at small so now that
we have that went to crap read to see written and directed by did everything so I’m giving myself I
would recommend you don’t give him a QB everything one named repeating interest
in the open over gets to be a little bit tedious go back into steel times look for
something else technical supervisor at that would be a
greater than sign so put that so photoshop here so superb I just two
others just came out the new movie now it is possible we can zoom in a little
bit you can see this is now giving us a text that we need and want to have to
text and Photoshop if I double click on it I can always change its as I can
click here I can change its color to be whatever I need to go with my movie
poster I can switch to the move to move it around and accidentally that I was in
the same text field so tied to added it to it it didn’t but if you by accident
do make multiple text element you can move them around and Photoshop this
pretty good as you can see about snapping alignment trained to get things
to a line together it’s decent about doing that they couldn’t go into this
text field trip to text to all and if a triple click it selects everything and I
can coffee that which is happy go back to mine takes to go to this one
at the end of the line and can piece today in 10 apiece to and received that
is part of it I can take the one I don’t want and trash can is kind of hidden
underneath my dog but I know where it is a dragon or so said in that text for the
movie poster is just going to be a matter of typing all of that and and
then positioning screen where we need it on screen so follow that link Andy to
download the file and install the client on whatever computer you’re working on
and then the text is available in Photoshop for you to start typing good

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    Thank you so much I was trying to look this up while I was in my multimedia class I just did t know where the steel tongs was lol I'm subbing

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