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Create Handwritten Animated Titles with LumaFusion on the iPad Pro

Create Handwritten Animated Titles with LumaFusion on the iPad Pro

Creating animations on the iPad is very
limited there is no app available that comes
close to After Effects luckily the iPad has a great accessory
known as the Apple Pencil Start by opening settings. Head to
control center and click customize controls, here you will need to add
screen recording. Now we need to open up a drawing application. I use sketch as it
was a free download on the App Store and it works perfect for this task. Open up
the drawing app and start your screen recording We’ll first need to set the
background color to a bright green this is important for a later step. Next select your drawing tool and set the colour to white. Now you can start writing your titles. Once you are satisfied with your title end the recording. Now open up LumaFusion and import the titles over the top of your footage double tap on the footage and then you
can begin cropping, resizing and placing the title where you want it on the
screen Next we’ll head over to the effects
panel and click on the keying effects tab, we’ll select the green screen key
and then it is down to you to adjust the settings to what you think looks best.
Once you have the effect you are looking for you are all done. And as you can see this is one very easy way to get professional and personal looking titles
easily with an iPad and LumaFusion. If you liked this video please support the
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