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Create a custom font with your handwriting

Create a custom font with your handwriting

[MUSIC]>>Hi. I’m Avani from
the Windows AI & Ink team. Did you know you can create
your own custom font, using new Microsoft
Font Maker app? Create a custom font based
on your own handwriting, and add a personal touch
to everything you do. Windows AI & Ink team
created this free app, so you can easily use
our inking feature, to customize presentations
and documents. Let me show you how to use it. Go to the Microsoft
Store and find the Microsoft Font Maker app
and install it. Use your pen to fill in
the letters and symbols. When you’ve got them
all, click “Next”. Write a couple of test
sentences, then click “Next”. Adjust the width and
sizing of your font, click “Save” and “Create”. Then go to my documents. Type documents in the search box and find your named font file, double-click it and
then click “Install”. Now, you can use
your own customized font to add your personal
handwriting touch, wherever you write
with a keyboard. That was easy, right? Try Windows Ink to make your life convenient and productive.
Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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