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Crazy-Cool Adventure on “C” Island | Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates | Educational Cartoon

Crazy-Cool Adventure on “C” Island | Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates | Educational Cartoon

– [Captain Seasalt] Ahoy there, shipmates! It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today, we’re going to be
exploring a new island, and learning all about things that start with the letter C. Keep a look-out for castle, crab, coral reef, clownfish, clams, cowfish, camels, and cave. That’s quite a checklist of
things that start with C, to see! (laughing) Oops, the time to commence the show! All aboard! (nautical sounding music) – [Crew Member Ellie] Oh, land ho! (snoring) Land ho! – Huh? (thudding) What’s this craziness? Ahoy shipmates, we’ve
come crashing to a halt! (dog barking) – [Crew Member Maya] Where
are we, Captain Sea Salt? – We’ve come across a brand new island! – [All] Cool! – [Crew Member Maya] Can
we explore the island and search for treasure? – Of course we can, Crew Member Maya. All ashore, who’s going ashore. Crackerjack! Are you all cravin’ a carefree adventure? – [All] Aye aye captain! (dog barking) – [Crew Member Pedro] Today we are going to explore C Island, we are here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, we’ll come across the treasure. The first thing we’re
looking for is a castle. – [Crew Member Maya] Hmm. I can’t see any castles, Pedro. They’re usually kind of colossal. So we should be able to see one from here. (Birds cawing) – (gasping) Cast your eyes yonder! There’s a castle made out of sand. And look who’s crawling out, it’s a cute crab. And it’s clicking its crabby claws. – Hey, castle and crab both
start with the letter C. (nautical music) – Hi there, I’m going to call
you Christopher the Crab. Okay? (Crab clicking claws in agreement) We’re looking for a
carefully concealed treasure. Can you help help us find our next clue? (Crab clicking claws in agreement) Cool! Look under the water! – [Captain Seasalt] What is it? – It’s called a coral reef. Coral is the next clue on our map. A coral reef is home to
many underwater animals, including crustaceans,
like Christopher the crab. – Hey, there’s a clownfish! Can I call you Clowny the Clownfish? – What’re those? – They’re clams. Claire and Clark. Their hard shells protect
their soft insides. – [Captain Seasalt] Sounds cozy. – [Crew Member Ellie] And
that’s a longhorn cowfish. Its horns look like cow or bull horns. – Can it ‘moo’ too, Ellie? (laughing) – The ocean is incredible! – Super cool! Thanks Christopher, goodbye
Clowny, Claire, and Clark. (Crab clicking claws) – Hmm. I wonder where we go next. – [Crew Member Sammy]
Hey captain and crew! Come see what we found! (nautical music) – We came across a couple of
camels named Cathy and Clyde. – Hi Cathy and Clyde. We’re looking for a treasure. Can you show us the way? (camel groans in agreement) – Yar! I think Clyde’s offering to
carry us to the treasure! (all cheering) (cheery music) Thanks for the ride, Clyde and Cathy. – Hey… – Where are we? – Look, there! – [Crew Member Ellie] That
doesn’t look like a treasure. – That’s because it’s a c-cave. – We can’t stop now! There’s a chance the treasure’s inside. Come on! – Aye crew, but let’s be careful, and cautious. – There’s the chest. Come on, I’m curious to see what’s in it. – [Crew Member Pedro] I’m confused. – [Crew Member Ellie] Me too. What are they? – They’re coconuts. You can crack open their hard shells to eat their white meat or
drink the water that’s inside. They’re delicious. (cheery music) Today’s adventure was crazy cool. – Mm, you’re correct Sammy. Coconuts are delicious. (nautical music) – [All] Cheers! – [Captain Seasalt] Catch ya later! (nautical music) – What a crazy adventure. Those were some choice
coconuts, weren’t they? We’ll have to cruise back here and get some more. (laughing) Hey did you catch all the things that start with the letter C? Great. Let’s see if you can
spot the other C words found on C island. (cheery music) (cow mooing) Did I hear a moo? Oh that must be a cow. Cows is another name for cattle. Cattle like to chew their cud for a good long chunk of the day. Could it be? Cotton candy! How did we miss that? Cotton candy is made of sugar that’s melted and spun in the air. When it cools, it becomes fluffy. It’s a sweet treat found at fairs and carnivals around the world. Oh, if that isn’t the cutest capybara. Capybaras are the largest
rodents in the world. And enjoy hanging out in the
water for most of the day. Carrots, the crunchiest
of the crunchy vegetables. Unless you put them in a stew, then they’re nice and soft to eat. (bird chirping) Hear that ‘chirp, chirp, chirp?’ That be a cardinal. This kind of cardinal
has mostly red feathers, with a bit of black around the beak, and a pointy head. Cool looking fellow indeed. You did it, shipmates! You found everything that
starts with the letter C. You’re a real completionist
when it comes to islands. And I hope to see you on the next island we cruise to. Until then, see ya later! (nautical music) – [Children] Aye aye, Captain!

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