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Crazy Asian Women: Ep. 1 – Writing Calligraphy

Crazy Asian Women: Ep. 1 – Writing Calligraphy

I’ll just trim off the video. (what) Can they see us? Yep. So… I’m… …that one person. And you are? Yook. (LOL) And we’re going to do some calligraphy. She’s making the ink as we speak. Yeah, I’m making the ink by… rubbing this black stuff… onto this other black thing. After putting some water. Now I’m going to write… a word. That will… maybe blow your mind… Ok So… I wrote a word that means… it means… (whispers) What should it mean? Great Water Alpaca. in Korean (LOL). How do you say it? Goju! Now my l- my lovely Korean lady over here (Hello!) is gonna is gonna write something in Japanese because why not. Let’s see if I can remember it… (Yook is completely oblivious to her friend’s dancing.) I’m sorry. ごめんなさい。 I can’t remember. しあ… わ… せ… This looks like a dying fish. That’s not the right character. (completely struggling) I might have written like… …fish or something… It’s okay. It means ‘fish’ in Japanese. (I’m tired so no more subbing- not like we needed it really lol)

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