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Contouring Basics (in Arabic)/ طريقة الكونتور باللغة العربيّة

Contouring Basics (in Arabic)/ طريقة الكونتور باللغة العربيّة

hey guys, i am Huda from Hudabeauty and i will show you a very important part of makeup it’s how to contour it slims the face, lifts the cheekbones and defines the jawline you can also slim you nose and so on it is really important in makeup i apologize for the mess behind me but i am moving my office area i am starting with two products these are from Motives Cosmetics this is called Cream Foundation Dark and the other one is Cream Foundation Medium first i am going to use the light shade it has a yellow undertone i will mix a bit of all the colors and i will apply it under my eyes and toward my cheekbones to bring them forward then apply some on your chin i have a small chin, if you have a large one skip this step apply the same on the bridge of your nose and lower forehead then, i will be using the dark foundation i love this brush for contouring i will take a bit of this foundation start from the center of you ear and drag it toward your lips then i will apply the same on the edges of my forehead to shorten it and to define my jawline, i will line it with that dark foundation then i will take a small concealer brush and the same color and apply it along the sides of my nose if you want to see a tutorial on how to make your nose look smaller with makeup without having to undergo a plastic surgery tell me in the comments below and i will film it for you i will blend it all take any brush that has white bristles on top there is no specific brush for this, just use whatever you have but it’s important that it has black and white bristles so it blends better spray some water on the brush and i will blend the lines on my nose i will start by blending the light foundation i will spray more water on that same brush and i will start buffing out the contour to smooth it out i don’t want any harsh lines i still look silly right now next i will be using this foundation that i absolutely love it’s called Dior Star number 40 i will apply a little bit on my face using this brush it’s a stippling brush, it’s dense on the bottom and very soft on the top i will apply this with a circular motion to buff everything out seamlessly i will take this powder from Ben Nye in Fair i put some of it on sponge and i will dab it under my eyes then i will take this brush and dip it in the Banana powder from Ben Nye then i am taking the Too Faced bronzer in Sun Bunny it is so beautiful i will apply it on the contoured parts to enhance it a little bit more and blend everything better and i will add a bit on this bronzer as well, it’s called Chocolate it is completely matte and has no shimmer whatsover i will apply that on my forehead i will contour the sides of my nose with that same bronzer next i will use the Too Faced Candlelight to highlight my cheekbones then i will take the Desire Blush from Nars and apply it on my cheeks and this is the finished look i already applied the number 4 lipstick from Makeup Forever i hope you understand my Arabic a lot of you keep asking me to make videos in Arabic and hopefully i will film two videos for you this weekend i hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to follow me on instagram i will see you soon bye!

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