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Conor Oberst – What’s In My Bag?

Conor Oberst – What’s In My Bag?

Conor. Conor! Oh, sorry. Hello My name is Conor Oberst and I am at Amoeba in Los Angeles and I’m going to show you what’s in my bag. Odelay. You guys know what’s up with this guy? Best vibraphonist ever to live. Big public radio guy. I do love jazz. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to music with words which is maybe weird ’cause my music has a lot of words but… I mean, not that it’s like background music to me but I’m scared of silence and I like to hear music but I don’t always like to have to hear words. My friend Gruff’s band, Super Furry Animals. You guys know what’s up with this band? It’s like when all those cats were making whack-ass 90’s Britpop these guys were doing God’s work, out there in the 90s. Ooh, who do we have here? Thin Lizzy. Classic. I love thunder and I love lightning. It’s one of the sickest bands ever. That guy’s voice I mean, you know their one song, but you should listen to their other songs. My boys, Tom and Zack. Pretty impressive. I played a show one time with Rage at the Palladium here one of the scariest nights in my life. They had, literally, riot police encircling the fucking Palladium, helicopters and I’m up there with an acoustic guitar playing sad alt-country songs to Rage Against The Machine fans that all wanted me dead like a hundred percent dead. But they’re nice guys. Of course they sound great but to make that big a sound with no samples, no loops, no nothing dude. It’s gnarly, I don’t know how they do it. Alright what is this? How’d this slip in, oh, it’s The Replacements obviously goes without saying, from the Midwest, one of my favorite bands I forgot about this one because I’ve listened to their other records a lot more than this one but it does have some jams. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this guy. Sturgill Simpson. He’s some kind of cosmic country singer or something like that I love acid, I love mushrooms, I love PCP I gotta check it out. I like his name. I love The Simpsons. You’re insincere and I like that. You’re insincere. I like that. Next up, it’s my old pal Tim Kasher from the band Cursive. He wrote a movie and directed it, and it actually came out and it’s really good. and I’m really proud of him. He’s one of my best buddies and this is the soundtrack from that record it’s called ‘No Resolution.’ I recommend it. Do you guys have bars down the street from each other? We do. We did a What’s in My Bag with Tim recently and he might have mentioned that. Yeah, everyone in Omaha owns a bar, like you have to do that. So I made a record with this band The Felice Brothers from upstate New York, my favorite band. I couldn’t find their new record, it’s probably sold out. It’s called ‘Life In The Dark.’ But I found these other two Felice Brothers records the self-titled one, which actually me and my friend Nate, who’s my manager we used to have a label called Team Love, and we released this album in 2008 I’ve made a lot of music but I feel like the greatest thing I ever contributed to music in America was that I put this record out with my friend. Listen to it, if you haven’t. This is their record before the last record which is also really rad. They actually recorded in Nebraska, called ‘Favorite Waitress.’ Ian, their kind of main singer/songwriter he’s a painter, he makes beautiful paintings he painted my record before this record, ‘Upside Down Mountain’ but This is a painting of his, it appears to be coffee cups at some kind of a cafe or something. There’s some really good songs on here. Last thing I’m going to tell you guys is… let’s get serious Let’s support record stores, support Amoeba. Let’s buy physical music because it helps. It makes people make more music because if no one ever pays for anything… and I’m not crying, ’cause I don’t care, I’m super rich, don’t buy any of my records but honestly if you like a band and you can give them… you can support them in some way. It’s a good thing to do because if you don’t do that It’s not like they’ll stop making music because people usually make music because it’s in their soul and they want to do it and they have to do it but you might not ever hear it, y’know. Everybody’s gotta have money so support your local music and y’know buy a record once in a while. That’s all I’ve got to say. Love you guys.

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