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Common Lighter Repair Leaking Valve No Spark Proper Adjustment

Common Lighter Repair Leaking Valve No Spark Proper Adjustment

[Music] hey guys welcome back to another quick little how-to video I’m going to be going through some repairs to cover some very common problems with lighters out there I’ve got some new parts I’m gonna be specifically showing this on one of my Prometheus lighters but all of this will apply to a variety of the lighters out there because the parts are very common the causes are very common and the procedures will be the same but to quickly cover what this video will show first I’m gonna show you how to replace the fill valve this is very commonly damaged by improper filling of your lighter you might have some gas leaking out that’s a very common symptom I’m gonna show you how to replace the adjustment caps these can typically get damaged if you crank them down and snap the ends off or if you dropped your lighter in this contacts something like the ground I’m gonna show you how to replace the rubber stoppers a lot of people don’t know these parts exist but sometimes you might notice your lighter may not actually click or may not ignite when it clicks or your button feels flappy this is a common cause of that and that’s basically due to a lot of use I’m gonna show you how to replace the actual PPAP piezo piezo piezo electric ignition and these just simply wear out with time very cheap part very common and easy to replace let’s get to it first of all very quickly some general tips the number one thing that kills your lighter is dirt and grime and where you want to make sure that you keep it clean use compressed air wipe it gently make sure no debris is inside your jets inside your tubing just make sure there’s no debris to clog things up that will keep things running the longest if you’re concerned about the looks of your lighter and certain lighters that have areas are damage prone you might consider using a protective case I love these things not only because they look and feel great but because they keep the lighter looking absolutely brand-new now of course the downside is you don’t get showed off but you can take it out when you get to the shop or wherever you’re going and have your beautiful lighter carry it around and put it in your case inside your leather protective case very cheap insurance use high-quality butane the brand really doesn’t matter with butane what’s important is how many times it’s refined my general advice is you want triple or more you’ll see typical cigar lighter branded butane as triple quad or you know some words to that effect that’s what you’re looking for that makes sure there are no impurities or at least none that are going to affect the lighter itself and you’re going to have a nice even flame very important beyond that it’s kind of common sense to a lot of people but not to others keep your lighters out of extreme temperatures that includes extreme cold but more importantly extreme hot if you’re like me in Florida you don’t want to be keeping these in your car you don’t want them stuck in direct sunlight the fuel tanks are plastic when they get overheated they will expand and they will break and then you have to replace them just treat this as if it were a cigar itself if the conditions are right for cigar they’re gonna be fine for your accessories these fill valves are typically damaged by people putting too much pressure on them when they’re refilling them with their butane bottle all you need to do is press down firm enough to get the butane flowing and wait a few seconds pressing down any further than that just damages the assembly so to replace this it’s a very simple procedure we’ll also cover replacing the adjustment cap at the same time on the Prometheus we just flip this open we need to remove the two Phillips screws down on the bottom and then just lift off the bottom cap now we can see our adjustment cap and in the middle of that is the fill valve itself cap we just have to gently pry off to replace this it’s as simple as sliding it back on and off this is the easiest repair you can do on some lighters this is kind of exposed and you might break it if you accidentally drop things on this particular prometheus it’s protected so it’s unlikely you’ll need one but it’s there if you need it and you can see it has a simple edge a ledge a ridge on one side and that fits in the cutout in the cap here and that’s to limit it it only goes in one way you can’t put it in backwards what I suggest you do is adjust your flame where you want it and then position this right in the middle of the cutout when you put it back on the lighter and that’s all there is to replacing the cap now the fill valve itself simply screws in there’s a bit of a fiber gasket and a couple of rings that’s all we have to overcome here before we actually remove it we need to get the butane out of the lighter itself use a small screwdriver or anything small enough to gently get in there and depress the actual fill valve to bleed everything out if it’s not empty already no matter what you use all you need to do is make sure that you’re not damaging the valve itself doesn’t take much pressure just don’t hurt the lip so now we can just go ahead and unscrew the valve assembly and screw in our new one just screw it down until it’s fully seated you don’t have to crank it down now we can put our bottom plate back on get some butane back in the lighter now give it a few minutes for that butane to warm back up to room temp now turn the adjuster just a little bit just to get it back flowing into its normal range and then check the flame get it where you want it that looks good right there and now position your adjuster cap right in the center of that adjustment range slide it back on and you’re done now just for reference the proper adjustment of that flame should be set so that it’s not sputtering at all if you have it too high you’re gonna see that flames batter out and sputter if it’s too low obviously it may not like correctly anywhere in the middle is good it’s personal preference from there the other important thing is it should self extinguish within a few seconds of letting go of the igniter that’s perfect right there so next up we’re gonna cackle the two main causes of ignition problems maybe you’re trying to light it and it doesn’t have a real solid click or maybe it’s a little sloppy and it doesn’t click every time these are very common symptoms of these rubber stoppers simply wearing out and pancaking and getting too thin or if the lever feels correct and it clicks but you don’t get any spark if you’ve gone through the fix for this particular lighter already and you can put your finger here and not feel a spark then it’s actually not generating it then you just need a new spark unit so to do both of these we need to open lighter completely up very simple again flip the bottom take off the two Phillips screws take off the bottom plate we don’t need to do anything with the fill valve or adjuster for these slide off the entire case carefully your mesh covers here may fall out just be careful if they do these are brand new so these are staying in for now but with a little bit of wear these are flop right out we get the tank assembly over on this side and over here is the igniter and underneath the igniter we have the rubber pad that wears out it’s basically just a cushion and a spacer to make sure that you’ve got proper contact for the ignition itself putting the ignition to your left we’ve got a little slot down here and that’s where we can grab the spacer so first we need to remove some of these little pins we’re gonna remove four of them starting with this one right down here the very bottom most this is kind of a stopper just for the little lever here then we’re gonna do the two that comprise the little triangle of them right above that will free this entire side of the lighter to come up and give us room to pull the little lever off the top of the ignition I’m going to use another one of these pins over here to slide out the one on this side now very carefully take the rubber tubes and just wiggle them off the tank itself doesn’t take a whole lot of pressure just give them a little bit of wiggle here with the needlenose and they pop right off of course your particular model may have one two three or four of these this is a triple lighter so it has three let me set that aside now we just lift off a little lever assembly now we can gently slide out the ignition now down at the bottom we can see a little copper plate that sits between the bottom of the ignition and the little rubber pad there’s a slot a little access cover slot that we can use to get out the little pad and there we go and the new one just slides right in just make sure it goes below a little copper plate now we can put our new igniter back in the wire side goes towards the inside of the guts and this will custom bend here when we do the reassembly just kind of make it an s-shaped like that now you may need to trim the actual ignition wire take off this outer sheath here and just snip off the new one to the same length as the old one slide that protective sheath onto the new one and now we can reassemble when you position the two parts put the top of the ignition wire inside the sheath and we can position the front hinge here to go back together I’m going to put this first front pin in just to hold things together it takes a shorter one then I’m gonna put in this first one here that’ll hold the other end of the case together you just put these in until they’re flush the same on both sides and I’ll do the top of the lever and the bottom stop pin now we can carefully put back the hoses to the tank assembly doesn’t really matter which goes where but they’ll all fall closer to one than the other just make sure you be gentle and you put them all the way down on the tubes so they aren’t kinked at all then we can verify it still works all good all right you can button it back together make sure that both of your mesh panels are on carefully slide your case back over the assembly screw on your bottom cap there you go that should take care of pretty much anything that’s gonna happen because of user error just wearing out or just bad parts super-easy nothing to be scared of see you next time guys

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  • Pintailrock says:

    Very helpful info on fixing and maintaining good lighters…oh and nice t-shirt there.

  • dougbs73 says:

    I just use a lighter with a life time warranty.

  • Raul Soto says:

    Are those spare parts pretty universal with most lighters or just tabletop lighters?

  • william brooks says:

    Where do you get your spare parts from?

  • CigarMaestro says:

    Thanks Brian. I always enjoy your videos.

  • High Desert Man, LLC says:

    Great video – nice to know I can get some of those replacement parts. Hey, you will want to direct yourself and viewers to Kevin over there recently released a proper bleeder tool that will not cause damage to the refill valve and the tool is awesome!

  • Mike In LA says:

    Did you notice the lizard on the bushes behind you ?

  • kelly j says:

    Good info

  • Color Co says:

    Thanks, great video as always. Where can I order parts you showed? I have same prometheus lighter.

  • Richard Emerson says:

    OMG! It's the Two Wheel Obsession guy! Who knew he was a cigar guy, too?

  • xxDocHollidayxx says:

    great video, however it is impossible to find fill valve on these zico MT-06 lighters, tried everything including trying to contact zico (good luck there)

  • Siddiqui Shoaib says:

    From where you got the piezo igniter?

  • Mike Reynolds says:

    Well Had to throw out my $75.00 Coilbri Daytona. Took it all apart  lots of spark but no matter what…no butane coming out. Last one I buy. Junk..Back to bics

  • morisonirrigation says:

    i have a Solo lighter from The Lighter Company, which is now closed. i was wondering if their is place to purchase their ignition system parts. thanks in advance

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    Where can you get these parts from

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    Really good video! Thank you for the education!

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    Hey nice video! I was wondering if you could help me, i have zico mt 32 9 " heavy duty. I got it not to long ago and is not working and no sparks but since is a pen torch I need a longer peice .. You know where to find ? Thanks

  • Mitchell Jah says:

    Can you show some links to some of the parts you got? do you know if they are universally used products? i have a vector lighter, thanks

  • Lonestar says:

    Too bad Prometheus doesn't sell nor provide spare parts just by request…. unless you've got a YT channel. I was hoping to purchase a kit from them.

  • Alec Marcantonio says:

    Any leads or links to where you get spare parts? Need to replace the jet/burner part on my Prometheus

  • CigarSmoker says:

    I have so many free torches from online purchases. When one quits I throw it in a cigar box until I like one enough to use old parts to salvage it. One of my free Rockwell quads cracked the other day. I figured I’d see if I could use some of its parts to breath life back into a Lotus Mercury that had bad sparker. I loved the pinpoint double flames on the Mercury and it never hurts to have a punch on the bottom. So I swapped the sparker and fuel lines. I like to use the short fat lines off of Robson Jetlite’s if possible but Jetlite’s never quit so I sacrifice one of my many for parts occasionally. Anyway the Lotus lit but the ignition was stiff. I put it back together and thought oh well at least it works now. As I pondered over all my old parts I couldn’t help but wonder where all the little black rubber discs were suppose to go. I had a feeling it had something to do with the stiff ignition issue. After countless google searches I couldn’t figure out where the heck the black rubber spacers went. Thanks to your video I was able to figure out where they go. I just popped my best looking spacer under the sparker and bam my Lotus lights like a champ again. I was gonna ask on the CO Fans Facebook page but figured I’d check YouTube first. In the very beginning of this video it was very thoughtful the way you explained exactly what parts you’d be using. Thanks Bryan!!!

  • Danny C says:

    Thats how to REPLACE parts. Not REPAIR parts.

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    i need a lighter mechanic. i see a spark but no flame, now. think its clogged.. trying to release the gas.. its an old style looking lighter.lights up red. one of the first ones to light up..

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    I have an old Dub 20" Wheels lighter. It's got butane and it's dispensing it just fine, but it will not spark. I don't even hear a click when I push the button. I opened it up and I cannot find one of those copper plates above the rubber stopper, is that potentially the problem?

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    I have a small turbo flame I try everything I got a spark and flame but it wont light what else could I try

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    My Veraflame leaks at the top where the flame adjuster is.. 😭

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    I have a minijet dupond and ignites always with the second press…any suggestions?

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