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Clinton vs Trump Handwriting Analysis

Clinton vs Trump Handwriting Analysis

Clinton versus Trump
through their handwriting. Clinton’s number one
trait is caution. You can see this in
the long final strokes at the end of letters,
like the letter n. Trump’s outlook on life
is optimistic in the way that he constructs
his own world. You can see this
through the upward slant of his entire writing. Yet, he also shows a stroke
that is that of the bluffer, or the con artist. And the bluffing stroke
is the long descenders in the lower case letters, like
y, j’s, and g’s, in his writing that gets extremely thick and
exaggerated toward the end as it does in this sample. Clinton’s is a person who
is susceptible to burnout, both emotionally and physically. And you can see this in the
downward slope of the writing and the short descenders
of the y’s and the j’s. Trump shows very little
concern about what other people think of him. Yet, when he was
younger, his handwriting had that large loop in the d. And this showed
that over time he made a decision to pummel that
need for approval out of him through his handwriting. And it shows. Donald Trump is not sensitive
to criticism as an adult. I would say it’s more insecure
with a big ego because of the size of his writing and
combined with the blustering trait. Clinton shows a high level
of sensitivity to criticism. She cares about
what people think about her personally, her
mannerisms, her clothes, and her appearance. This sensitivity can be seen in
the d loop on the lowercase d. The bigger the loop is, the more
highly sensitive to criticism the individual is. Trust. Neither Clinton nor
Trump trust people. And you can see this because
of those descending strokes in the y’s and the j’s. They are straight down
for the most part.

4 Replies to “Clinton vs Trump Handwriting Analysis”

  • Mohit Selly says:

    Sir i am highly fascinated towards handwriting before I saw a video on Tedx could you please show me a path where i could learn this ART … thanking you in advance

  • Bracso nair says:

    Should she be cautious she wouldn't use a private server for national sensitive information. Hillary provokes the sensitive that hurts her lies, corruption, tration to his co-citizens;. They both have good reasons for not trusting people, for Hillary people is a potential treath and for Trump most of them are a disappointment.
    Your analysis was not confronted with reality.

  • Orange Ziggy says:

    "…to pummel that need for approval out of him through his handwriting." Are you saying that he is trying to get rid of his own need for approval- In other words, to suppress it? Besides, he's extremely sensitive to criticism, and tries to demote or fire anyone who doesn't like him, and confronts people if he knows they said they didn't like Trump. Mannerisms, clothes and appearance aren't about one's sensitivity to criticism, rather they are about one's conscientiousness.

  • Emily Lopez says:

    do a video on Logan paul

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