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Clean & Simple Copic Coloring (3 cards from one design)

Clean & Simple Copic Coloring (3 cards from one design)

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be using the Simply Celebrate
stamp set from Lawn Fawn and I wanted to create three cards that I could use for birthdays
or other celebrations and I wanted to make them really simple and use some easy copic coloring. So I’m gonna keep all three
cards with the same design and just vary the images that I use. So I’m gonna use the
let’s celebrate greeting from the stamp set and I’ve positioned that in my
Misti stamp positioning tool using a transparency grid sheet. That just helps me get everything on there completely straight and then I put that let’s celebrate over onto the door of the Misti. Now the let’s celebrate stamp is going to stay there
for all three cards, I’m just going to be changing the image that’s right below it. So this first card, I’m
using the row of stars. Absolutely love stars, and then I changed it up
with the row of candles. That’s almost more like
birthday-esque, I think. And then for the last
card I used balloons, which could be for a bunch
of different celebrations. So I have all three card bases stamped. The cardstock I used for these is actually Neenah classic crest solar
white in the 110 pound weight and at this point I wasn’t
sure if I was going to be using color pencils or if I was
going to be using copics. I ended up using copics so I think if I was
going to redo these cards I would have used some paper
that wouldn’t bleed through on the inside of the card. Because I used this Neenah paper, it did bleed through to
the back of the card, or the inside of the card,
but it wasn’t a huge deal. I mean, I guess people will
know that it’s handmade, so it doesn’t bother me so much if it shows coloring on the opposite side, but if I was going to
make these cards again, I would’ve used something like Simon Says Stamp 120 pound
ultra-thick cardstock. That cardstock in particular
doesn’t allow the copic ink to bleed through to the other side, so if you’re concerned
about your copic markers showing on the opposite side of the paper, use that cardstock, and I’ll link to that
one down below as well just in case you’re wondering about that particular cardstock, but the one I used today, I
was actually just using Neenah, which is fine. I think it colors great, it just showed a little
bit on the other side. So I’m doing really simple coloring, I’m not doing any shading whatsoever. I just picked out kind of
a ombre range of shades going from like a red-violet to a yellow, so it goes all through the
red-violets to pinks to corals and then goes into yellow and I think this color combination
is really, really nice. It’s feminine without being too girly and I think it’s just a
really fun color combination and also because I needed the
yellow flames on the candles, I was able to use one of
those same yellow shades to finish off the candles,
so it worked out pretty well. I think in total I used, I think, nine or 10 different shades, and I just did a lot of swatching while I was picking these colors in order to choose which
colors I would be using and these were the ones that I did. So after I had all of
the copic coloring done, I thought about leaving the card as is and not adding anything else to it but then I decided I wanted to
add a little bit more detail just to dress these up a little bit. So I grabbed some magenta
glitter paper from Simon and I cut little itty-bitty narrow strips and then adhered it to the
very bottom of each card. The adhesive I used to
adhere them is from Ranger, this is the multi-media matte adhesive, and I’ve just put a
precision tip on the bottle so that it’s easier to
apply to my projects and I’ll link to that precision tip down in the supply section below. So I’m adding on those little
strips of glitter paper and I like to use a
liquid adhesive for this because it gives me a
little bit of wiggle room as I put it down so I
can get it just perfect. I then took an aqua shimmer pen from Nuvo and I added shimmer to all of the balloons and I also did just a
select few of the stars. I decided I didn’t wanna
cover up their faces, so I just did it on the
stars that were in between the ones with faces, and then for the stars that
did not have shimmer on them, I used some glossy accents and I also put glossy accents on every other one of the balloons just to give it a little bit of shine. I added the glossy accents to the flames on the candles as well just
to finish this one off. So those are my three really
simple copic colored cards. I love doing kind of
sets of cards like this because it’s essentially the same design with different images. You can really get a bang for your buck as far as spending your time crafting. Thanks so much for watching today. I will be back very soon
with another card video. Until then, thank you
so much for watching. (light acoustic music)

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