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CINEMATIC FONTS – My Top 5 with FREE Downloads

CINEMATIC FONTS – My Top 5 with FREE Downloads

What’s going on everyone my name is
Kellan Reck and today I want to talk to you about something that doesn’t always
get a ton of love. Fonts. fonts can make a huge difference not
only in the way your video looks and feels but also in your personal brand a
ton of YouTubers these days are using fonts consistently to sort of develop a
look and a style you can do the same have a look at guys like Sam Kolder or
people like Chris Hau these filmmakers use a consistent font
so that you know when you see their thumbnail or the beginning of their
video but that’s who you’re watching now what can be tricky with fonts is that
you end up falling into a hole you spend an hour looking for the right font
you’re scrolling through the list in your computer saying does this one work
does this one work we’ll look no further today I’m gonna give you my top 5 fonts
for filmmakers it should help you whenever you’re stuck in a rut looking
for a fun yes it’s mainly my opinion but it’s a
good place to get you going on your typeface journey go ahead and leave a comment down below
on what your favorite font is what do you use all the time if you like the
video go ahead and like and subscribe you can download these fonts down below
we’ll be back in the next one thanks for watching you

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