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Choosing Fonts – Best Font Combinations

Choosing Fonts – Best Font Combinations

are you using the right fonts for your brand? different fonts have different characteristics that can impact your brand in a positive or negative way. if you are using the wrong fonts for your brand, you could potentially be losing out on attracting your ideal client. so keep watching because in this video I’ll be talking all about choosing the right fonts for your brand. and if you watch until the very end I’ll tell you how you can download your free cheat sheet where I share seven brand improvements you can make to attract more clients. (intro music) hey there! I’m Holly Meyer, the brand designer and creative director behind Holly Meyer Design. on this channel i share brand tips and tutorials that empower online business owners like yourself to purposefully define, design, and develop their brand so they can captivate their dream audience and stand out in their industry. what do you need to know about choosing fonts for your brand? number one pay attention to your fonts’ traits. your brand fonts can reinforce your brand personality. fonts can be classified into one of four main groups: serif, sans-serif, scripts, and display. each of these groups has different characteristics. serif fonts are characterized by the small lines or feet attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. serif fonts are traditional, reliable, and comfortable. sans-serif fonts don’t have any small feet sticking out at the end of the letter strokes. an easy way to remember this is that sans means without. sans-serif fonts are clean, modern, and stable. script fonts are based upon stokes created by handwriting. there are formal script fonts similar to cursive and calligraphy and there are looser more casual scripts. script fonts can be elegant, affectionate, and creative depending on the script font. and finally display fonts are a bit more intricate than the more simple font styles. because of this, display fonts are best used at a larger size like you would see in a heading, a logo, or short text call outs. display fonts are unique, expressive, and stylish. number two when choosing fonts for your brand pair no more than three different types of fonts together. anything more runs the risk of your brand looking chaotic and unorganized. nobody wants that! so stick to no more than two or three different font styles for your brand to help you look as polished and professional as possible. for example maybe you pair a serif font with a sans- serif font, a script font with a sans- serif font, or maybe a display font with a serif font. or you can even use one font family for your entire brand. no matter what combination that you choose add visual interest to your font pairing by varying the weight and size of your font. and finally number three, which is the most important of them all, make sure that your fonts are legible. think about your audience. they may have difficulty reading fonts at a smaller size. if so, adjust your font size accordingly or select a different font style if you’re unsure about whether or not your brand fonts are legible ask a business friend if they can read your brand fonts without any difficulty. next if you don’t already have a font palette selected for your brand I want you to spend in the next 10 minutes selecting two or three different font groups that you can pair together for your brand. think about how these fonts can reinforce your brand’s personality. and if you already have a font palette selected for your brand, perfect! either way I want you to comment below this video and let me know which one you are using for your brand. are you ready to learn about more improvements you can make to your brand so you can attract more clients, download my free brand cheat sheet. the link will be in the description below this video so you can download your copy and be well on your way to booking your next dreamy client. if you enjoyed this tip give this video a thumbs up, click the social share buttons below, and subscribe to the Holly Meyer Design channel for more videos like this. as always I’m incredibly grateful for you. thank you so much for joining me today! I’ll catch you next time! (closing music)

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