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Change font size Windows 7

Change font size Windows 7

Change font size Windows 7 Go to Control Panel Select Adjust screen resolution Select Make text and other items larger or smaller Now you can change the size of text and other items on your screen without changing your screen resolution DONE Change font size Windows 7

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  • HowtoCreator says:

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  • HowtoCreator says:

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  • Faleingles Ja says:

    that is NOT what i want
    i want to change the icon text fonts WITHOUT changing the screen resolution. previous windows versions permitted this

  • DroneXFun says:

    I am using my tv as a monitor for my laptop and when I increase the size to 175%, which is perfect, it "zooms" in on the page I am trying to read/use and leaves buttons on the bottom inaccessible and I have to drag the page up or sideways to access buttons I need to click. Also, sometimes when I open something the box does not open centered on the screen but offset to where you can't access the top bar to drag it around. How do I make my text bigger without "zooming" in on the screen? I know this doesn't make sense but I don't know the terminology. Thanks a million.

  • Mohammad Abdul Majeed says:

    thanks ….

  • Sonny says:

    remind me to strangle you when we meet for that brain frying ass ''technoschit'' ''song''.  IT IS NOT MUSIC~

  • alone prince says:

    this video deserves more like

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