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Change font in Wordfast Pro editor

In this quick video I will show you how to change
the font used in the editor of Wordfast Pro for some very strange reason, the developers
of Wordfast Pro have selected a default font that is at the same time ugly, too big and
difficult to read: it’s Times New Roman 14, and here is how to change it you have to go to ‘Edit’, ‘Preferences’, and
under ‘General’, ‘Appearance’, ‘Colors and Fonts’, you can go to ‘Translation’ and under ‘Translation’, you will find ‘TXML
Editor Font’ and it is Times New Roman 14 by default, so
I will change this to – say – ‘Tahoma’, and as the size, I’ll pick up 10 OK, and now I will do the same for the Target
Font: ‘Change’, and again ‘Tahoma’ and 10 OK, OK now I have a font that is more beautiful,
easier to read and has a suitable size thank you for watching
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and see you in the next video!

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