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[CC EN] 蔑 (belittle) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 104

[CC EN] 蔑 (belittle) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 104

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “mie” This is how it was written on Oracle bones What did it mean at the time? Let me tell you to share with you. It’s a combined ideogram. This is how it is written on Oracle bone script. What does this mean? Above is the eyebrows This is an eye and an eyebrow above. Underneath is a person What is this? This is a weapon. This is the weapon which hits on the human body. In the second form of the character on Oracle bones is written like this The eyes above are written relatively simple without eyebrows The third form is written like this Three of them have eyebrows on it. One form does no have eyebrow. What does it mean basically? Representing people glaring This is a slap in the face of a man. The slain In addition, we can also regard this upper part as a brow eyebrow. When we talk about the 102nd word of Chinese characters This eyebrow is written like this There are several hairs on the eyes. What can you say about this? A contempt for the killer with such a scornful look On Bronze script, the word is written like this First it draws an eye One eye with two eyebrows It’s an eyebrow above Eyes, open widely What is underneath? This is a character “fa” It’s a weapon slashed into a person’s body. There is also a way of writing like this It is also drawing one eye Draw two eyebrows on it This eyebrow is written a little different from that eyebrow. This word is basically the same as this word. Underneath is a slash and killing a person. The above is same The third form has changed It also wrote an eye I drew a few eyebrows on it. It has changed underneath Underneath it is not a “ge” what is this This is a tree hit with wooden sticks. The fourth person’s eyes are erected The fourth form is written like this On small Seal script,, the word draws a cross It is written like this I don’t know what this eyebrow painting like. The eyebrows are written like this Written like this A weapon is written like this underneath. I wrote a knife here. It’s written like this It is written differently on Clerical script. Written in “Zhang Qian Bei” The eyes above are written like this This top is from a small Seal script. Above is written like this. It is same as on small Seal script. Underneath it and small Seal script changed again. In “Zhang Qiang”, you can write this word like this. In the script, it writes this word like this It is written like this What is the original meaning of this word? Sleepy, tired, unable to open eyes That’s the meaning In “Shuō wén jiě zì,” it explained as Extremely tired. Eyes are so tired that no spirit at all. The eyes without the spirit to extend That’s the meaning Before the founding of People’s Republic of China There are still some phenomena like in the remote village. What is the phenomenon? People sprinkle the dirt on the human body with a filth such as a dog’s blood, feces, and manure. Use this method to break the mana of some of them. In some places, patients with mental illness were treated this way. I have seen it before. I saw it when I was a child. There are such mental patients in the countryside. People put the fecal several different kind of dog blood. on the mental ill person. It’s said that this person is evil. A method of removing ghosts So there is another word A word with adding a blood to this word. This blood is coming from this place. There is a saying called dog blood sprinkler Use dog blood to a person can remove monsters and ghosts from mental patients When Chinese characters are simplified The words with bloody radicals is no longer used. Just use this word. Meaning is the same That word has more strokes That’s all for the character “mie” Thank you for watching Bye

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