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[CC EN] 聾 (deaf) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 108

[CC EN] 聾 (deaf) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 108

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “long” After simplified, the character is like this You may wonder Why is the character related to dragon. This dragon has always referred to the emperor in the past. The emperor is a dragon Why does it write like this? Below I will write down different scripts and share with you It is a radical plus phonetic This word of Oracle bone script is written like this It is a very interesting word This is an ear An ear Next to it is a worm which actually is a big snake. I only found two forms of the character on Oracle bones. This is one form. There is also a form like this This is also an ear This is how it is written on Oracle bone script. What is the relationship between this dragon and this snake? This is a snake The ancient ancestors believed a snake is a reptile without ears The snake is a long worm that cannot hear the sound. So in some places, this snake is called a locust. Use these two parts to make such word. Because the snake can’t hear the sound is a scorpion It’s like this On Bronze script, It rewrote the character It is also composed of snakes and ears. It only changed the shape of the snake. This is how it is written on Bronze script. I’ve also only found two forms of the character on Bronze script. This is a form There is another one Written a bit more complicated This form is written more complex. This snake is written more complicated. Unlike this painted snake. The Ears The ears on Bronze script are basically similar. It adds these two parts What does this mean? Means hand This place is a stick or something The snake has no ears, it can’t hear it. But snake it is very sensitive to vibration So there is a saying of “Dǎcǎojīngshé”. Take a stick and play in the grass Although the snake can’t hear the sound, The snake will feel the vibration. The snake ran away And this word changes the left and right structure to the upper and lower structure This is the second different place On small Seal script, It is written like this It is a dragon word plus an ear It is not a big snake any more. It is written like a dragon This is how it is written on small Seal script. This is small Seal script. Clerical script basically come from small Seal script. It is written like this Some of them write two horizontals, some write three horizontals. It is written like this. On Regular script, Before simplified, it is written like this Add another ear below After the Chinese character is simplified, this dragon is simplified After the dragon is simplified, it is written in this word. This is original meaning. It means that the snake is slow to reflect the sound. This meaning has disappeared It is explained in the Chinese dictionary “”Said Wen Jie Zi” ” Can’t hear The ear can’t hear the sound Therefore, it extends to an unreasonable matter. Why did the ancients use a dragon that is both majestic and very religious with the ear to express the meaning that can’t hear. When this word was created in Shang Dynast The emperor is not only mediocrity and very cruel but slaughter some captured captives After killing, dry and eat them. So cruel The king of Shang does not listen to the advice. It was overthrown by Zhou later In the history of China Some emperors often compare themselves to dragons. And they were arrogant They were faints So the ancients compared these kings to scorpions. So use this word instead. To refer to the emperor’s fainting, they can’t hear the correct opinion. Han Feizi said that the ear can’t be murky. As an adjective Such as “Ěrlóng yǎnhuā zhuāng lóng zuò yǎ” These are used as an adjective That’s all for the character “long” Thank you for watching Bye

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