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[CC EN] 聞 (smell) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 106

[CC EN] 聞 (smell) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 106

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “wen” It combined with a door with an ear insider. How is the word written on Oracle bone and Bronze scripts? What did it mean at the time? Let me demonstrate and share with you. This Chinese character is a combined ideogram It writes like this This is a way of writing There is also a way of writing like this This is the second form of the character The third form is like this This is the third form of writing The fourth form is like this Let’s see this word on Oracle bone script. What are its characteristics? You see that every word with a big ear. There is a kneeling person One person holding his hand next to his ear It exaggerates the ear That means focusing attention The other one can also use this large ear to enhance the capture of sound signals. Have these two meanings Two small points was added in the third form This little dot is the sound Bronze script come from Oracle bones The writing of the character on Bronze script has been distorted. Bronze script is written like this The first one is written like this The second form is written like this The third form is written like this This is the third form is like this The fourth form is like this This sound on Bronze script Points representing sounds are written in a variety of different way. Meaning that there are all kinds of sounds In real life Sound can’t be pure, not only one kind It’s a wide variety and countless. On Bronze script, It means that the characters of the sound are written in a variety of ways This word is different in the small Seal script. Small Seal script redesigned a set of methods. Similar to the meaning expressed in Oracle bone and Bronze script But the form is different. This is how it is written on small Seal script. This is small Seal script. In Ma Wang Dui Silk book, it is written like this. The character in Mawangdui silk book is written like this Some famous inscriptions in ancient times This word is in “Huashan Bei” It is written like this This is a little different It’s two cross and it’s a cross. How much difference When different calligraphers write has some differences And the ancients sometimes wrote Sometimes like to write with more or less strokes. Sometimes word writes more or less strokes This is a common writing habit of ancient calligraphers. This word of the script is written like this This is how it is written on Regular script. After the Chinese characters are simplified It simplifies the word and the ears inside are not simplified. The original meaning of this word is hearing. There is such a sentence in “The Book of Songs. Xiaoya.” “Wǒ wén qí shēng bùjiàn qí shēn” (I smell it, I don’t see it.) This character here means listening. I heard his voice but did not see him. This smell is often used in idioms. For example, “Wénfēngsàngdǎn wénjīqǐwǔ wénguò zé xǐ” There are a lot of idioms Smell this word and it can be interpreted as knowledge For example, there is a idiom “Wénsuǒwèiwén” Never learned such knowledge and heard such a thing. There is another meaning It means that you have a lot of knowledge. Knowledgeable and have a good memory, it can be called “Bó wén qiáng zhì” There is another meaning that not relate to listening and knowledge Feel different smells Scent of smell Smell it This is the smell There is such a passage in Confucius’s Family Language. “Yǔ shànrén jū rú rù zhīlán zhī shì jiǔ ér bù wén xiāng jí yǔ zhī huà yǐ” That is, you live in the orchid room for a long time. You can’t smell the scent of orchids It’s been a long time with good people You don’t feel their goodness In addition, this character is still a surname. This character has meanings about hearing, knowledge and smell. a variety of meanings That’s all for the character “wen” Thank you for watching Bye.

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