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[CC EN] 直 (straight) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 098

[CC EN] 直 (straight) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 098

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “zhi” Straight From ancient time to now From Oracle bones to the present The meaning of the character Basically has no change. Below I will write the text of Oracle to the present text. Now I will demonstrate and share with you. This character is combined ideogram On Oracle bone script, This word is an eye Added a vertical line above This is how it is written on Oracle bone script. One eye and one vertical line This vertical line is the tenth of the ancient text This is a form of the character There is another form like this There is another form like this. There is another way of writing Every word is written differently Its constituent components are the same All character are an eye added with a vertical line What does this mean? It means gaze straight That’s meaning On Bronze script, This is how it is written on Bronze script This is the eye Added a curve next to it This is a way of writing There is also a way to write like this Added a wooden underneath This is the meaning of Bronze script Look straight ahead It also added a curve which means to go to the right. A point added indicate to aim at the base point. It seems like this is like the sight star above the gun Have such a meaning It likes the carpenter’s eyes and takes a straight line Or aiming at the object. In the second form of Bronze script It added a wood below What does it mean? It like straightening wood as woodworking Remove all the concave parts or the convex part Become straight Have such a meaning in it. This is exactly like this. Small Seal script basically inherited the writing of Bronze script. This is how it is written on small Seal script. Small Seal script is written like this. This word is called VII on oracle bones. Today we say it is a character of ten On Oracle bones, the character is seven It writes the above as a point and a cross. In “Cao Quanbei”, this straight is written like this This is how it is written on Regular script. This is Regular script. The original meaning of the character is straight It extends meaning of straight not bend There is such a sentence in the article “Xunzi. Encourage Learning” “Mù shòu shéng zé zhí” The ink rope used in the woodwork. Pull out the line and ink on the wood That line is very straight That’s the meaning. Extend to integrity In addition, this extends to the meaning of correct. In the idiom “Lǐzhíqìzhuàng” (righteousness) In ancient times, historical facts was recorded truthfully which is called “straight pen”. It has meaning of straightness and frankness. It is opposite to the curve. There are other words means frank “Xīnzhíkǒukuài, zhíyán wú huì, zhíshū yǐ jiàn”, etc. That’s all for the character “zhi” Thank you for all watching Bye.

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