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[CC EN] 民 (people) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 103

[CC EN] 民 (people) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 103

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “min”. When you see this character, you may think of people In the ancient times What does this mean? It contains very cruel reality Below I will demonstrate and shared with you. The word of the people is a common word It is a pictogram On Oracle bone script, There is an eye above Here is a hand below. It means to grasp by hand The second form is written like this The third form is written like this The fourth form of the word is written like this Where does the word come from? In ancient times, Salve was captured during the warfare, was blinded their left eyes with a sharp weapon After the hedgehog This war prisoner is not easy to escape. This character is like this. This is the earliest meaning of the character. Bronze script is written like this One is written like this A bit like image text, like a picture The second form is written like this One eye is hedgehog The third form is written like this Bronze script is basically from Oracle bones. The change on small Seal script is relatively large. Extend the line to the left Small Seal script is written like this It is pulling the line on the left, this line is very long It turns this point into a small horizontal An eye looks differently Therefore, the small Seal script is basically has no image. After the Clerical script, Including Regular script which is evolved from small Seal script. Clerical script is written like this. In “Cao Quanbei” it is written like this In Juyan Hanjian, it also writes like this. This is how it is written on Regular script. When fighting in ancient times All captured enemies Because the labor rate at that time was relatively low. Lack of material So many of the captured captives are killed. Later, with the gradual enrichment of material production And realize that these prisoners of war still have some value in use. so they keep these prisoners of war alive Just stabbed the prisoner of war and forced him to be a slave. There are some natural people was forced to be slaves. Later, it extended meaning to the working people at the bottom of the society. Refers to those civilians In ancient society The people are considered to be ignorant. There is such a sentence in the Analects of Confucius. “Mín kě shǐ yóu zhī bùkě shǐ zhīzhī” what does it mean The people can only use, do what he was told. Let him know why He is just a farm animal Have no right to know something about society The consciousness of these people It is very common in Chinese words. For example, the qualifiers for the people above What are the words? Use some derogatory words Stupid people, ignorance Stubborn and stubborn people Untouchables These derogatory words are used to describe these civilians. If you check the dictionary. It is impossible to find the words such as good, noble, holy No These words are for the upper class. Not for ordinary people That’s all for the character “min” Thank you for watching Bye.

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