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[CC EN] 德 (virtue) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 056

[CC EN] 德 (virtue) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 056

Hello Everyone. Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “de” “Daode” : Moral virtue Now I will demonstrate and share with you. The character “de” is a combined ideogram. As explained by a Chinese dictionary “Shuō wén jiě zì” “de” is to rise. What does it mean? This place represents a road Is the symbol of the road Here is an eye looking ahead Underneath is a heart Composed of this (some) symbol This is how it is written on Oracle bone script An eye This is an eye. This is a sign of road. Eyes looking ahead There is another way of writing. This is how it is written. This is also an eye. Look forward This is a road. There are many forms of the character on Oracle bone script. No major changes in the main components of the character. I selected four forms of them. In different forms of the character, The main components of its group are the same characters. Eyes looking forward Eyes looking forward they are all same. This represents the pupil This is pupil. This is the pupil of the eye. They all are the same, no change. On Bronze script, It is written differently It adds a heart in it. The main symbols of the group words have not changed. This is an eye. Added a heart. This is a way of writing There is another form of writing on Bronze script. This is an eye and there is a heart below. This is a road. Like this one. The writing method is different. The position is different. The main characters of the constituent words are the same Comparing Bronze script with Oracle bone script, The eye is looking forward on Oracle bone script. Means to look straight ahead, move forward On Oracle bone script, original meaning is The original meaning of this character is to climb up. Later, the meaning of this original gradually disappeared. Someone believed that Is a pair of eyes watching the shadow of a stake That is, the stars in the sky follow the path of natural movement this is to record as astronomy. Later, the meaning of the character is extended. The direction of the road is straight. The first words are very straight. Looking straight ahead in front of the road Then I added a heart to this word. These are hearts. Why to add a heart here? It means we have to be honest and be integrity. To be a gentleman. You can’t think about it, you can’t do it. such as treacherous, looting, stealing, opportunistic things None of these This is not the way of a gentleman. This is what the villain is doing A gentleman should be “de”. So added a heart. The character “de” It contains integrity and openness. I think the meaning of these four layers is inside. The “de” in the Taoist is Is the law that conforms to the nature. This is the core of Taoist methodology We can see what the original meaning of this word is. The small Seal script inherited from Bronze script. This is how it is written on small Seal script. This is small Seal script. This is how it is written on Clerical script. This is how it is written on Regular script. Ancient calligraphers This horizontal stroke is almost no written. Some wrote but few. Like this. Most of calligraphers did not write. The character means that it hope that people have good moral character. Can’t doing things wrong. It is critical for those who go to the wrong way. That’s all for the character “de”. Thank you for all watching. Bye.

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