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[CC EN] 執 (hold) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 061

[CC EN] 執 (hold) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 061

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “zhi” Let’s take a look at this “zhi” is execution When the character was created in Oracle, What is its earliest meaning? How does this word gradually evolve into ? Now, I will write it down and share it with you. The character on Oracle bones is like the shape of a person’s two hands being shackled In ancient times, all the hands were rafts. The shackles is the one that we saw the inmates in the film. Lock the two hands of the person The first form is to draw a shackle Here is a shackle. This is a person. This is a person Here is a person’s two hands It means that the two hands of this person are locked by the shackles. This is a way of writing There is another way to write on Oracle bones. It’s just that the shape of the shackles is different. This is a person The two hands of the man were shackled More interesting in the third form This one is a person This is a rope This rope represents Not only the hand is caught, but the person is tied with a rope. Lock this person with a shackle and tie it with a rope The fourth form is written like this. Basically almost all are a shackle This is a shackle Only this person wrote to the left The man’s two hands were locked by the shackles. It is written like this The original meaning of the character is to lock a criminal person with a shackle. It was explained in the Chinese dictionary ” Shuo Wen Jie Zi” Custody of sinners Is the person who catches the crime The writing on Bronze script basically inherits the way of writing Oracle bones. But some places are written differently That is Its intentional ingredients are a little less In the first form, It was written as a shackles which does not like anything. The shackles are not quite like This is a character “xin” ( fortunate) It writes this shackle as a “xin” ( fortunate) The person has two hands locked What does it write like this? This is a false change in the evolution of the text. The original meaning of capturing of sinners. This meaning is less combined ideogram There are more symbols. In the second form It is written like this The second form of the character is written like this. In general, the meaning of combined ideogram is reduced. Another form is written like this. It wrote a woman underneath it. That is to say, specifically catching female prisoners This is a special one. Locking the prisoner’s hand above, this meaning is also reduced Just added a woman, especially pointing out the female prisoner There is another form of the character like this. It is very common way in the ancient text to switch position. Exchange left and right position. Comparing these two words, the position is switched. The small Seal script is like this. Although the lines are neat The entire glyph has undergone a false change. The person who locked on the Oracle bones is completely gone. This part on the right does not mean anything. This is how it is written on small Seal script. The left part is written like this. The right side on small Seal script, is written like this. On Clerical script, The right part it was a person on Oracle bone script it was a person on Oracle bone script It writes a “fan” on the right side of Oracle bone script. Something happened during the evolution of the word It is written like this on Clerical script. It is written like this I wrote a “ji” next to this Some forms added a dot or a “fan” here. It was written as a “wan” on Regular script. After these changes, the character becomes more and more different from the original one. The Regular script is written like this. It’s written as a “wan” (pill). It is a “wan” After the Chinese characters are simplified The left was written as a hand radical. Written like this Here is still a “wan” (pill) Now simplify and write like this The original meaning of the word is to lock the criminal with a shackle. So this extends some words. Such as control or claim For example, executive enforcement is extended from this. There is another character “chi” To distinguish it from the meaning of the character “hold” Both of these words have the meaning of mastery in it. What is the original meaning of this character “chi”? It means arrested Such as stubborn, in charge of law enforcement, etc. What is the focus of the character “chi”? Hold and does not release. It means the continuation of maintaining the persistence. This word is mainly the meaning of holding it, not giving it. That’s all for the character “hold” Thank you for all watching Bye.

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