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[CC EN] 品 (item) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 096

[CC EN] 品 (item) | 汉字趣谈 (Story of Chinese Characters) 096

Hello everyone Today, A Little will share with you a Chinese character “pin” The character was combined with three mouths From Oracle to Bronze, small Seal, Clerical and Regular scripts There is no big change Now I will demonstrate and share with you. This character is combined ideogram On Oracle bones, This mouth is a shape of the object Three mouths means a lot There are many objects inside. That’s the meaning On Oracle bones, It is written like this There is no big difference in different styles. This is a form of the character. This is a second form of the character. The third form is written like this The fourth form is written like this All four except the second one with two mouths above and one mouth underneath. The second one has two mouths at the bottom. In fact, the words in these four forms are all the same. When the ancients were writing He has such a habit That is to say, the parts of words are often transposed Or up and down This habit last until today Many calligraphers are still using The character on Bronze script is basically the same as Oracle bones. This is how it is written on Bronze script. This is a form of the character. The second form is like this These two words is the upper and lower transposition The third form is like this These two mouths are farther apart. one high and one low Unlike this mouth, the two are close This is not on a line and it is far apart. This is related to the differences in styles of each calligrapher. Actually, there is no difference with this word. Small Seal script is basically the same as the writing of Bronze script. Small Seal script is like this. Clerical script is written like this In Juyan Hanjian, it is written like this. Ju Yanhan wrote this article In the monument of Huashan Temple It is also written like this This is character in Regular script, It is written like this The original meaning of the character is many That’s the meaning When the ancients were making words Sometimes superimposed with three identical words to represent numerous Three mouths Three people together for the crowd Three woods added together for the forest Three waters are “miao” Three fires are “yan”, etc. This character has a meaning of fine and slow taste, enjoying food. For example, tasting tea and wine. In the forty-first volume on the book “Dream of Red Mansions” Have such a sentence a cup of tea a cup of tea is “ping” Two cups are quenching thirst Three cups are drinking donk Therefore, the character has a meaning of evaluation. There is a idiom “Pǐntóulùnzú” After it is extended, it has meaning of grade . For example, seven product officer Product extension refers to something of matter For example, supplements, drugs, food, tributes, etc. We usually use this character often. Is the first-level word in the national text That’s all for the character. Thank you for all watching Bye.

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