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Cardistry Calligraphy Official Trailer with Ink Academy –

Calligraphy, a form of visual art originated from Ancient Greek is the creation of highly artistic letters and words. A contemporary calligraphy can be defined as “the art of making forms into signs in an
expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner,” allowing it to never be out of fashion. Card playing, also came from this ancient history has transformed into a different gaming form in this modern age. That is why, we in collaborate with Ink Academy the first international calligraphy school are to create a deck of cards in calligraphic style. In addition to regular card games,
cards have been used in contemporary performing arts in not only magic tricks but also cardistry a creatively display of card flourishing skills
that moves separately from sleight of hands magic tricks. This old combination of art in
calligraphy, card marking, and cardistry presents a unique artwork that survives to this modern day. A deck of card may not seem grand but it will be the best to convey and continue
the distinct performance of card flourishing. We look forward to making this deck of cards a work that carries on the art and craft of “Cardistry” bringing the tradition further into the world and the future.

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