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Cardi B, a Whistleblower, and More Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Cardi B, a Whistleblower, and More Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is tomorrow. Are you excited? Me too. There are always a lot
of scary things to see in my neighborhood life is
Jack-o’-lanterns and giant spiders and children trying
to come into my house and like ooh. Not every country
celebrates Halloween but we really go all out here. West Hollywood has the world’s
biggest Halloween party. They really get into
the spirit of Halloween especially the ween part. And– [LAUGHTER] Since Halloween is on a Thursday
a lot of Halloween parties were last weekend. On Sunday I saw someone
a grocery store. She was dressed like Cher,
and she looked just like her, and she talked like
her, and she remembered things I told her when
we were at the Oscars, and it was Cher, actually. But Halloween is
really, it’s for kids and if you haven’t figured out
what your kids are going to be, I brought some kids out here. And I’ll help you
have some suggestions if it’s not too late for you. All right, let’s see the
first costume right here. Hi, hi, come over here. Look at those people. What’s your name? Piper. Hi, Piper, how old are you? Six. Six years old. What grade are you in? First. What’s your favorite subject? Math. Math? What’s two plus two. Four. Very good. All right, and what
are you supposed to be? A Starbucks cup. OK. All right, but to make it
special hold on a second. I can’t see it. Oh there, OK sorry. OK turn around Piper. All right now you’re
the Starbucks cup that was accidentally left on
the set of Game of Thrones. All right. Good job, Piper. Have a seat, relax. Let’s see the next one. Hi, come on over. How’s it going? What’s your name? Noah. Hey Noah. And how old are you? Six. Six. And what grade are you in? Kinder. Kinder. Garden? Yeah, kindergarten. It’s all shortened for
the kids these days. You’re in kinder. And what are you supposed to be? A gardener with a leaf blower. You’re a leaf blower, yeah. All right, well I’m
going to make it a little more current for you. OK. Now you’re a whistleblower. [WHISTLE] Say it with me, quid pro quo. Quid pro quo. You did it. All right. All right. There you go. Sit with Piper over there. Piper’s having the
time of her life. You can just sit down
right there, Noah. All right, let’s
see the next one. Hi. Come on over here. Hello, what’s your name? Maya. Maya. Hi, Maya. How old are you? Five. You’re five years old. And are you in kinder? I’m in pre school. Pre school. Oh, they’re just getting younger
and younger when they come out. I’ll have a little
tiny baby in a minute. And what are you supposed to be? A flea. You’re a flea. Yes, you are. But now I’m going to
make you something a little more current. Now you’re a Fleabag. The Emmy award winning Fleabag. The kids are going
to love this Maya. Wait until you you tell them
you’re– here, there you go. All right. Got it? All right, no, no, no. Come back this way. Go. All right. All right, and let’s
see the next one. Oh. Come over here. Right here. You’re right, the right
there, that’s perfect. What is your name? Jonah. Jonah. How old are you? Four. Four years old. Wow, they really do get younger. How old are you? Six. You’re six, what’s your name? Kiana. Kiana. And you are? Riley. Riley, and how old are you? Three. Three. Wow, all right. Now here’s the
embarrassing thing. Sometimes you dress your kid
up and they’re– what are you going to be, what are
you supposed to be? A bee. A bumblebee all right. And they’re all adorable, but
you want to kind of stand out a little bit. So we’re going to switch
that up right now and here we go you’re a bee. But you’re now
Michael Bee Jordan. OK. And you are Cardi Bee. Cardigan. Cardi Bee. And you are RBG. Look at that. Bee, bee. All right. All right, there
you go everybody. Here we go. All right. I’ve been watching you on video. Oh, thank you so much. I’ve been watching yours. Yeah, you’ve been
watching my videos? How about you, you’ve
been watching my videos? All right, head over there. Here. All right. I like when they study
up before they meet me. That’s good. Let’s see the next one. Hi, what’s your name. Everett. Hi, Everett. OK, yeah this way. Everett, how old
are you, Everett. Eight. You’re eight years old,
and you are in what grade? Third grade. Third grade, what’s
your favorite subject? Cursive writing. Well, good luck using that. All right, what are
you supposed to be? An iPhone. An iPhone. But you know what? You’re next year’s
iPhone because look at all the cameras you have. You’ve got 20 cameras. This is the actual size. All right, here you go Everett. There you go. Thank you so much. We have one more. Come on out. We have one more I think. All right. What’s your name? [INAUDIBLE] One more time? [INAUDIBLE] Are you yodeling? [YODELING] Elijah. You’re Elijah. All right, how old
are you Elijah? Six. OK. And what are you supposed to be? [INAUDIBLE] He’s saying Freddie Mercury. That’s Mercury. All right, you do a little
Bohemian Rhapsody for us right now maybe? OK. All right, that’s a good one. That’s a really creative
one right there, because you say you’re
mercury and then the Freddy. All right, thank
you so, so much. They’re all getting
iPads for helping me out. Thank you so much. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities if you’re into
that sort of thing. Yah! [BEEP] God! [BEEP]

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