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Can This Teenager Use a Rotary Phone?

Can This Teenager Use a Rotary Phone?

The internet is the same
age as Jennifer Lopez. And just like J.Lo, Every year,
it shows more and more skin. [LAUGHTER] The internet has made it so
easy to find information. Does anyone remember
encyclopedias? Yeah? All right. They were these giant books
that everyone read and everybody had them. Who remembers books? How many of you still
have encyclopedias? Anybody still have
encyclopedias? Yes? All right. Well, I was wondering if
they still were around. So I googled it and
look what I found. I found this. You can buy the whole
set of World Book Encyclopedia for just $799. Or you can get it for a
100% off because all of that is on the internet for free. So the internet has
made it so easy. Everything is just obsolete
because you don’t need anything anymore. You don’t need maps or phone
books or human interaction. And I was curious
how many young people could function without it. So I set up a challenge. And what I need is a
young person right now. And Marley Flandro
I know that there’s someone named Marley here. Where’s Marley Flandro? OK. [CHEERING] Hello Marley. Hi, how are you? [MUSIC PLAYING] Come around here. OK, so Marley– Yes. –how old are you? I am 17 years old. 17 years old. And what do you do? I am a senior at San
Clemente High School. Do you work as well or
just you’re a senior? I actually have my own business. So it’s really fun. Yeah, I do. What kind of
business do you have? Since I was 11, I’ve
been making and selling little zipper pouches. Like Fanny packs? No, but I actually
bought a Fanny pack. Yeah, they’re back
in style again. They are. So zipper pouches,
like for people to carry like makeup and
travel things and stuff? Yeah, totally. You can put them in your
purses and your bag. Wow, good for you. A little entrepreneur. Yeah, I love it. It’s fun. Good. All right, Marley. It’s a creative side of me. All right, so I want to
show you some things, and I’m going to ask if
you know what they are, OK? All right, do you
know what this is? Yeah, it’s a map. Yes, it is. When’s the last
time you used a map? Probably like
offroading with my dad. Oh, you have used it then? I think he’s used it probably. Your dad has. So your dad uses a
map versus like GPS on his phone and stuff? Back in the olden
days, probably. OK. When was that? Like several years ago? Probably when I was younger. When you were younger,
which is not that long ago. All right. All right, so here’s a map. Do you know what this is? It’s a Yellowbook. It has everyone’s phone
numbers in it, right? Well, you’ve just read on there. It says Yellowbook. And it’s yellow! Right. So yes, it’s a phone book. Awesome. Yeah, so you know
what that’s used for? Have you ever seen one of these? Yeah. I don’t think we
have one at my house. No, OK. All right. So here’s is this. And what is this right here? Let me just turn this so the
audience sees it as well. What is that? It’s a telephone. It is a telephone. But you have to spin the dial. Yeah, you spend the dial. Yeah. All right. Good. All right. Here’s your challenge, OK? OK. I’m going to put a
time limit on this. I’m not going to say what it is. I’m keeping it in
my head, all right? And the time is going
to be on a clock. Do you know what a clock is? Yes, I do know what a clock is. Do you know how to
tell time on a clock? Yes. How? From being in school. They don’t really have– No, no, no, not that. [LAUGHTER] How can you look at a
clock and tell the time? Oh, you look at the hands. And the shorter one is the
hour, and the longer one is the minute. Good for you. A lot of young people don’t
read the time anymore in clocks. It’s crazy. OK, so what we’re going
to do is we’re going to put some time on the clock. And I want you to,
first of all, you’re going to fold this back into
the position it was, OK? OK. Then you’re going to
find a number in here for Golden Muffler. I want to call Golden Muffler
and call and tell them that you need a Golden
Muffler, all right? So that’s what it is. Fold it up the
way it was folded. Golden Muffler. Call them up. All right, let the
time start now. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh no. No. No. No. [MUSIC PLAYING] No. No. No. Never mind. Golden Muffler. Golden Muffler. Golden Muffler. Is that a car service? Is it a car service? Yes. [LAUGHTER] Car, car, car, car. Not insurance. [LAUGHTER] What are you looking under? Golden Muffler. I’m looking for car service. Now, I’m in the B’s. I guess I don’t know
the alphabet either. [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re looking under carpet. I know. Well, car. Carpool, OK. Cars and trucks. What are you trying
to do, under car what? Golden Muffler, is
that a car part? [LAUGHTER] I don’t think so, oh my God. Look under muffler. OK. [LAUGHTER] Oh my gosh! I can’t find it! M. OK. Never mind. OK, OK, OK, so I need to spin. OK. [LAUGHTER] No, oh my gosh. OK! I need to spin it to the 8. And then to the 1. [SCREAMS] Oh my gosh! [LAUGHTER] 8 1 1 8– there’s a lot of 8s– 8 8 4 5 0. Hello? [DIAL TONE] [LAUGHTER] My parents are probably
so disappointed. No, no. Oh my God. Oh my God. That was better than I
could have ever hoped for. Well because you’re a
millennial, win or lose, you’re going to get a prize. You’re getting your very
own set of encyclopedias. Yes! No, you’re not. Nobody reads anymore. I was going to display
them on my shelf. No, nobody reads. All right, you’re going to
get a 65-inch TCL Roku TV. [SCREAMS] [CHEERING]

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