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Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

– Because A, it’s not your land;
B, you mentioned Jerusalem– – Listen, you can’t tell me that.
Please don’t say that. – When it comes to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I think I’m mostly emotionally sad. – I think it’s not fair that, you
know, a country that is peaceful be in a situation where
we have to be threatened. – Being an Arab girl living
inside of the Israeli state, it’s pretty hard for me to
find exactly who I am. – We’re the Palestinians. We still live under occupation,
so we have no power. – I believe that every person,
Jew, Christian, Muslim, should be full equal citizens
under Israeli sovereignty. – We need just to end
this conflict between us. It’s because we don’t need the other
generations to live the life that we live in. – If we continue to do
what we did until now, it’s probably going to stay, and
we need to do something else. – My name is Hannah Ziad. I’m 24 years
old and I’m an Arabian YouTuber. – My name is Dorit Tzadon. I’m 25 years old and I’m
a Jewish Israeli Zionist. – My name is Bara’a abdo. I’m from Nablus, 25 years old, studied
public relations and communications. – My name is Tchelet Zohar. I’m from a small town called Giv’at
Ze’ev right outside of Jerusalem, and I’m 24 years old. – My name is Arab al-Ameen. I’m 24
years old and I’m from Jerusalem. – My name is Ran Bar-Yoshafat. I’m 34 years old, and I
work as a deputy director of a think-tank that deals
with law and economics. – Can I have my Israelis on the left,
my Palestinians on the right. – The first statement is: someone I know has died because of this conflict – Okay, my father was
murdered by two IDF soldiers. It hit us hard, especially for my family. We’re only girls, and inside of the
Arabic nation, that’s really hard. – My friend, when I was 10 years old,
an Israeli sniper shot her in the head. So, that was really hard for us. – I grew up during
the Second Intifada. I carry a list with me of all my friends
who were murdered in terror attacks. So I have a list of 27 people, they
were actually very close to me. In Israel, we have a memorials day,
so I have always a dilemma to which grave to go to. – On the 16th of January, 2007, an Israeli
soldier shot and killed my sister, Abeer . She was 10 years old, in front
of her school, and I was 13. We were six kids in the house. After that, we became two
sisters and three brothers. – All of the people that I know have
lost someone to the war in some way, and I think like grief is
such a universal emotion. And like, i really, I want to hug all of you. – I served in the IDF. I still serve in the Army Reserves Combat. I was very combat, in the Second Intifada and I feel your grief and I understand it. But I have to say that I never got an order to shoot someone, the order was only to shoot if someone is a threat to your life or a threat to someone else’s life. – I also served in the IDF and they really do just teach us to defend ourselves. If we’re not defending ourselves, and we do kill someone, we go to jail. – That’s not true. that’s not true – I can tell you something? The soldier that killed my sister, he didn’t spend one day in jail. – Neither did my father both of them that murdered him did not stay one day in jail. -I believe a two- state solution is possible – Okay, I think the Palestinian, they will not stop saying that we want, we want a country so in the end, if we got to the point that we have our state and they have their state, so no problem. – This is gonna be better for us to live all of us together which is no state like Palestinian and no state like Israeli, only together and having peace together like there is no walls and there is no checkpoints which is happening right now. – I’m with you one state under Israel’s sovereignty and everyone’s full equal citizen. – Alright, okay, but under Israeli sovereignty because right now I… why is that a problem? – Why should it be on one? Why should one religion control it? why can’t the three? – It’s not a religion, It’s a nationality. It’s my nationality – So if we said we want a state with the Palestinian, the Palestinian they control it, you can live under it? – No, because – So.. – Because A: it’s not your land and B: you
mentioned you- – Listen, you can tell me that please. (all speaking at the same time) – Saying a hundred percent Palestine used to (inaudible). – Okay, I can ask you one question, please? Answer it. Your a great, great grand grandfather, you know where he is? – Yes. – Where he is? – How many graves you want me to count? – Seven before. – Seven before I know. Yes – Where? – Well, seven before is in in Hungary. – In Hungary (repeated). – Nine before is in Palestine. Don’t tell me “it’s not your land” – I’m saying it’s not your land. – It’s OUR land and it will stay and will be – Like how do you determine this is our land and it’s not their land based on what? – History, international law, interest, solidarity. – Yes. How about empathy? – I-I have empathy, I’m just not willing to live– to give up on my identity in what I believe is mine. – I’m afraid of the other side. – When I say that I’m afraid, what I basically mean is I’m afraid of going into Gaza because I know that if I will go into Gaza, I might get shot. Someone might kill me. – I think I hesitated a little bit because I don’t think I’m afraid of the people on the other side, I think I’m afraid of the gap and sort of almost equally afraid of like, you know, that side taking all of the responsibility for what is happening, or this side taking all of the responsibility for what is happening, which is obviously not working. – Well, that’s fair enough. I don’t believe that all Palestinians are terrorists because that doesn’t make sense, but I do believe that who is in charge, they’re leading the Palestinians to.. you know hating us and in a way that you know it is really unfair. – I’m against–against what you said, they’re not that Islam, because Islam didn’t, didn’t say kill—killing people or having a blood, don’t believe that. -What about the radical Muslims– the radical Muslims that come and do these things what do you have to say? – They’re not part of us, we never accept them as Muslims because they’re teaching hate, and in a way I accepted what you just said about there’s a big problem with our governments. They don’t know how to talk to each other and in my idea I really think the people are the ones that should be talking to each other. – I agree and I have to say also don’t think there’s an issue with Muslims But I disagree with you about the fact it’s about plans. There are several peace talks. They were offered 97 percent of the land 98 would have done it. They they disagree- – But after deciding with the land they came and they built more settlements. – What’s wrong with-what’s wrong with Jews living in Judea? – That’s not the problem, the problem is, is that we actually talked about this land being for these people and in the end, what we see Israelis coming in and actually building houses that’s showing us we don– you guys don’t want peace. – I trust my sources of information on the conflict. – I serve in the IDF so first of all, I trust myself and my officers. I do think that a lot of the information I’m getting is not accurate which is why I’ve tried to compare it with different sources and I also try to see it from from people, what they think, what they feel . – I don’t trust everything I see on the news that’s for sure. I do believe again there are two sides to every single story but I do see things that are happening for instance you know, things like the rockets that are striking or the stabs that are happening Those things I do trust, because I can see that they’re happening, and they’re just unfair. – Like I see the-the narrative being written as like, I watch the TV. I know how important and how powerful language is, and how it can create uhm, reality. And, like I, I can see it–like this is really dangerous like, on both sides it’s really dangerous – If you see this media that I see, they’re always against Israel for things that are not necessarily our fault. -I find it very funny because we look at it as and start saying that they’re really with Israel, which is funny I find it kind of funny. But no, I seriously do find the information that we’re getting has more as an agenda to it from both sides – I don’t believe in social media like from the Israeli side I’m gonna support Israel, and from the Palestinian side, going to support Palestinians, people going to be very confused and I’m gonna be very confused about the reality. – So, the same–the question was the sources so it doesn’t have to be just social media, and the reports like this, like I also trust the reports that the Israeli security forces publish -but they are– -don’t trust everything- -right in their ideas- not about the reality and the situation but their ideas, how do they are see this situation? It’s not really what happened I want political leaders on my side to make compromises for peace. – If we continue to do what we did until now, it’s going to continue as it was now and I don’t see it getting better. Our leaders should have our lives and the best for us in their minds and so it’s not compromising, like peace is never compromising. – The Palestinian politician, in the end they want peace, for their selves and for the people. But they have no power, because the power, it’s not in their hand. It’s the in the other side. – I would like for us to compromise only if you will be able to compromise. It doesn’t make sense that every time that we have a war, it’s always started by your side. The other day I just heard about, you know, over a thousand eight hundred (1,800) acres of crops have been burnt by you know, Hamas, who have been sending it over to Israel.Instead of you know, spending all that money in order to ruin us Why don’t they spend it on taking care of a Palestine? – It’s,one second, you’re talking about Hamas. You’re talking about the Gaza. Gaza, it’s so far from us we don’t know what’s going on over there. We don’t know–if you can ask me about the West Bank, I’m going to answer and I think you as well. – But here’s the way I see it when you’re talking about compromise: Hamas is a charter that says murder to the Jews wherever they are in the in the PA -hold on (x3) – But the PA are the moderates – You’re going back to Hamas- – But the PA that– – We are not talking about- -The Palestinian Authority– – Let me finish! It was the (Palestinian) authority that are the moderates, they’re saying it’s a death sentence if you sell your house to a Jew Are there racist people in Israel, of course, are racist people everywhere in the world? Yes, but we condemn people who are acting violently and the other side glorifies them – Violence is sometimes justified. – No… I don’t know…. – If you’re going to attack Israel. Then Israel is going to defend themselves. And that means when it comes to certain things, maybe not you, specifically, but again, to the radical Muslims, we have to, because if we don’t then there’s not going to be a state of Israel anymore. – I don’t think it’s a matter of Israeli, Arabs or Jews, Christians. Sometimes we have to use violence. I hope it’ll be close to zero as possible, but if I see someone about to murder someone else and I think it’s okay for me to use violence to stop that. I think violence is not allowed for a political goal. I think that’s a bad place to use violence I prefer talking and having a discourse. – Okay, I didn’t grow up with with a lot of violence.with the zero violence, but what I want to say the same as you said Who comes to my house to break the door to take my father? Of course, I will defense for myself so it’s called violence, but I wanted defense for myself – First of all, I am against violence 100% It’s a freaking circle It’s going to keep on happening over and over again – For me, if you’re gonna react for the violence with violence so here we go. We’re having like the same problems the same generation who is raised with hatred and violence and blood which is not acceptable. – Having a homeland for my people is important to me. – I think that Israel needs to be our homeland because if we won’t have a homeland no one else is going to accept us anywhere else, especially because there’s a lot of racism and antisemitism as well, so if we’re not gonna be here, where are we gonna go? – Okay, for me as a Muslim, the Holy Land, why it’s so important, first of all, because I was born here I have no place that I don’t replace – Every single person around the world has the right to live in the place that they were born in, and that the right for Palestinians also for if we’re gonna talk about refugees also they have the right to come back here to their lands to their homes and have their places. – The fact that we came back to our homeland and that we do have a country and a government here, for me, like, it does feel like a miracle… But I also think that the fact that we do have the power now gives us more responsibility, and that we can’t just base it on the fact that it’s our homeland and not hear other voices saying, “We feel the same about the same place,” – I often question my place in this conflict. – All the time I question if it’s more dialogue, more force, more conversations, more social media. I always ask myself What is the best thing? I tend to believe that the best thing is human interaction. – A lot of times I take a step back from like the political argument about the conflict and all of that, just because I feel like unworthy, and that I don’t know enough. – So, in my way I’ve always known what I am in this conflict, I always knew I wanted to fight for peace. That’s all I knew and that’s all I will ever know I never was in the idea of this conflict until my father passed away and then I had to think for myself. – I-I always was asking my father why I was born and and, his answer, “Not to kill, to live, to be in life.” and when my sister, she got killed, I went back to him, to tell him, he told me I was born to live, not to kill, but my sister she was born to die. The Palestinian, they didn’t kill six million Israelis, and the Israelis still didn’t kill six million Palestinian there is a Germanian (German) Embassy in Tel Aviv and there is a German Israeli embassy in Germany So… It’s a big hole, it’s always gives me hope when I’m looking at this and thinking a little bit about this. – I gotta say I think it’s, it’s nice slogans. They just I don’t think that’s the case. Israel has a peace treaty with Egypt because Egypt was willing to have peace with Israel, Israel has a peace treaty with Jordan because the Jordanians were willing to have a peace treaty with Israel. – Also from one to one, it’s different how the way you think- –I agree, which is exactly why I don’t believe in in a peace between the two sides because in my understanding of reality, the whole concept of Palestinian Nationality– – Because you don’t accept Palestinians.. – I accept human beings, I’m saying that the whole concept of Palestinian’s Nationality is one goal. And that is the annihilation of Israel. When Jordan took over Judea and Samaria,when Egypt took over Gaza– no one asked for a Palestinian– -but you’re combining everyone, you’re combining everyone into one ideology which is not right–Why, what do you mean? You’re saying that because they’re Palestinian, this is what they want, which is not true. – I take it back. The Palestinian government, the Palestinian Authority. – There. Now I understand better. – I agree it’s different Okay, because I don’t refer to the Arabs as being, in some areas, Palestinians; I refer to them as Arabs of Judea Samaria. – If we were gonna live long long age or long years, we’re going to see, we’re gonna see each other. We–we–we’re going to have it. – You can have it – No, I’m talking about peace. We’re gonna have it here. – I would like to sit down and share a meal with everyone here. – Yes, please – Sure (laughing) – Hello – I’m Johnny… – Hi Johnny – I’m Ido – HI Ido – Shalom al salam alikum There’s, on top, some passion fruit juice which gives a kick So, how was the experience guys? – For me it was perfect, was good and it was a good meeting – It was topsy turvy. It was upside down – The beginning, yeah Because like you don’t know who is in front of you, you don’t know their ideas, their ideology, what they think about you – I think we did come to some sort of an agreement that we both do want peace so– -no, not everyone, I want security, freedom, and prosperity – You’re talking about legal peace. – I don’t want a piece of paper that says “Peace”. I want to live in peace. I don’t want a piece of paper says we have a peace treaty. – That’s what we meant as well. – Okay but we don’t agree because I don’t believe in a Palestinian state, and you think you should have like a two-state solution so we don’t agree. – No, but we did say we wanted a one-state solution. – Israel with everyone equal, I’m fine with it. – Exactly – Well, I learned from you that you have a lot of sympathy for our side as well, even though your sister passed away, which is terrible. She didn’t pass away she was murdered, but I can see that you also have sympathy for the other side and you actually are trying to, you know, communicate with us even though you went through everything that you had to go through on your end. And I definitely learned that we can learn to love your side as well, or I could learn to love your side as well. – I think this is the main point for our, maybe, conflict–that we do not hear from each other So I think it’s important to hear from each other not just keep your thoughts and ideas inside your head and don’t try to open this box. Just try to open it. – We want really similar things, uhm, Yeah, and it sort of, you feel like you know, my friends from back home and so the realization that we do have the same sort of language not in like the language that we speak but in our body language and the things that interest us and the future that we hold for ourselves and for our families Like there are no sides. Like I can’t draw a line and say okay, I’m like these people or I’m with these people – Hey guys This is Jason – And this is John, – And just want to say thank you so much for watching a really special episode of middle ground We love this series because it’s an opportunity now more than ever to create great dialogue and create radical empathy – This was a challenge, but also a privilege to get to go to Jerusalem to film this dialogue around a subject that is, you know, very tricky and very difficult but we loved having the challenge – Totally. We want to say a huge shout out to YouTube and Created for Change which gave us the resources and the support to do this, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you thought about the episode and the various perspectives in the comments below and also let us know what other suggestions for middle ground you have. We want to do more episodes even bigger and even better. – Yeah, and as always, please be sure to click Subscribe and follow us on Instagram (together) Thanks you guys, later.

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    Thank you so much to YouTube for making it possible to produce this important episode of Middle Ground. We want to say thank you to our participants but also to our audience for always enabling respectful and meaningful conversation in our comments. We know this discussion does not address all aspects or perspectives of this very deep and historical conflict, but we did our best to represent as many perspectives as we could. For those of you that don’t know, Jubilee's philosophy for Middle Ground is to bring people together and have an open dialogue in order to develop a deeper sense of understanding and empathy. We hope you all enjoy 🙂 If you felt as moved as we did by the conversation, please share the video to as many people as you can!

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  • rami mletat says:

    الصراع الفلسطيني ببساطه
    طفل معه قلم
    اتى طفل اخر ومسك القلم وقال له القلم لي
    هل الحل ان يأخذ الطفل الاول القلم لفتره معينه والثاني لفتره معينه ؟
    الحل الوحيد ان تعيد القلم للطفل الاول
    اؤمن ان هناك يهود لا يريدون اذيت الفلسطينينين ولكن ما زلت اؤمن ان هذه الارض لنا

  • Mohsina Tarafder says:


  • Ras Reality Macky says:


  • Ras Reality Macky says:


  • Ras Reality Macky says:


  • McFadyen 1888 says:

    Freedom for Palestine

  • TheYehav says:

    ran (guy in a suit) spent many years in the Israeli military, and knows well the nature of the ones wanting to wash Israel and Israelis away. that is why he's so detriment

  • Sara Harake says:

    My heart hursts for the dude in the white shirt 💖 I love you and respect u 🇱🇧❤️❤️

  • GlobalTrol says:

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  • Alia Mohamed says:

    Ran: ok but i have a list

  • Alia Mohamed says:

    I wanna hug Arab

  • Rebecca Mc Donald says:

    As an Irish republican, I sympathise with the position of the Palestinians.

    It’s not their land.

    It’s all too familiar for an Irish person seeing that Israeli guy, just like a unionist saying that it’s his land😒


  • Sebrin Abdu says:

    I am really amazed by the patience of the Palestinians when the other guy said it is not ur land. May Allah increase ur patience. Inshallah u will get all you wanted very soon

  • Sebrin Abdu says:

    Are all Israelis heartless like the guy ? How could he think that the land of Palestine is more essential than having peace.

  • George Serrano says:

    This is probably THE hardest debated topic of today. You will live if someone calls you the wrong pronoun or if you don’t believe in god but this is a whole different level

  • Mila says:

    I like the girl with glasses

  • Jonathan Lahyani says:

    israel is the best place

  • Jonathan Lahyani says:

    US needs to keep supporting israel best 3b investment

  • PastBoing YT says:

    I don’t get it, why can’t Palestine exist, isreal still exists, either way, is real exists, so why can’t Palestine have their claims, it’s just needless, this is why I personally dislike religion

  • Siham Si says:

    Free palestine

  • abdu 11ah says:

    They should life under one government, It doesn't have to be Israeli or palestanian, it will be both. Like Canadian government it's French and English.

  • The Canary says:

    there no way they will have peace fuck Israel

  • Teahean says:

    Yeah, just stand close to each other and accommodate for any possible height difference.

  • Rihanna Ali says:

    I am not Israel neither Palestinians but I believe that Palestinians are right also they deserve their land.✌️✌️✌️

  • Soumyadip Mukhopadhyay says:

    Muslims in Non-Islamic Countries :
    Every person of every religion should have equal standing and rights.
    Muslims in Islamic Countries :
    Imposes blasphemy laws on Non-Muslims.
    Doesn't allow Non-Muslims to build places of worship.
    Imposes Islamic Studies on every child going to Schools.
    Some Islamic countries like Maldives doesn't even allow non-Muslims to be their citizens. 🙂

  • Ras Reality Macky says:


  • geekista says:

    Hold on a minute here. I really had to pause ro write this comment. Forget which side you are on, the Palestinian guy share a heartbreaking story about his 10 year old sister dying, and the guy in a suit says that no one is ORDERED to shoot on sight, they shoot only to defend themselves. Ok. So is he really implying that a 10 year old girl died because she tried something on the military or something ???? Again forget which side you are on, i would've slapped his face real hard if i was the palestinian guy …

  • Elisabeta Voci says:

    I don’t understand why ppl ate hating the guy from Israel! He is just a guy with his own ideas what they need to come to a conclusion is that we have to accept everyone as they are. Which means. Leave palestina be and leave israel be. Just stop the war! The children don’t want their parents to be killed. The parents don’t want their children to be killed.
    Stop being greedy for more land. Stop it. I mean leave it be. Leave the lands as they are. They’re fine like that for both sides.
    Is greedy sth a human being should have??? NO!

  • Hamza Hasmani says:

    everyone knows Palestine is right 👍🏻

  • Oscar Ulrich says:

    I think Palestinians are more nice and kind than Israelis. Israelis always think that they are better because never regret what they done to Palestinians and they are really Arrogant.
    Support Palestine from Japan!

  • Farid Mouloudi says:

    The Palestinians are right and we support them always ❤

  • Frigus Dominum says:

    I think they should do the same thing but with kids

  • Apoorv Chauhan says:

    Do one with Indians and Pakistanis over kashmir

  • · 『c』『a』『n』『d』『y』 says:

    if we wasn't humans , what we are ??

  • Shahariar 661 says:

    wow.tears came from joy….
    we from outside of middle east,,
    wanna peace between all nations,all religions…between palestinian-Israelis.
    I Hope one day all common thoughts of palestinian-Israelis gather in one platform and start movement against their brain occupied war Government

  • fisal mkml says:

    100 percent palestine

  • Ras Reality Macky says:

    This ignorant Jewish dude is soo arrogant, his ancestors are in Hungary Europe yet he claims that Palestine is his home land. PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT RELIGION IS SUBJECTIVE.

  • Ras Reality Macky says:

    Religion is subjective, how can any normal conscious human being claim land based on religion????? Religious doctrines are based on life stories.

  • Ras Reality Macky says:

    The hate filled Jewish dude in a black suite is definitely an offspring of the DEVIL himself.

  • Cat Squad says:

    That guy with the white t-shirt broke my heart, and the blond girl is so intelligent and has such a beautiful heart. You see everyone gained more perspective and love for each other except for that guy who was very arrogant from Israel, I never liked him, he was too caught up with his own egoistical needs. All the other’s wanted peace no matter what it took, all he cared about was a state of Israel. Isn’t human beings more important? He just listened to people’s stories and how also 27 of people he knew had been killed, yet he is so stubborn when it comes to getting a peaceful solution.

  • L!GhT says:

    alhumdullilah this was a great experience to learn. thank you, please do more

  • Samantha Spector says:

    100% israel

  • Steven Borg says:

    I'm largely ignorant on this topic but is there a reason they can't just share the land??

  • What Ever says:

    The face of the Palestinian guy made me cry. You can see his pain and it broke me.

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