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Calligraphy Punctuation & Spacing : Calligraphy Page Planning Tips

Calligraphy Punctuation & Spacing : Calligraphy Page Planning Tips

When you start thinking about planning a page,
I think it’s important to put your pen down, and pick up a pencil or a marker, and think
about how you would visualize this project. In other words, I like to start by making
a series of thumbnail sketches, so called because they’re small, and don’t take up much
room. So, say I’ve got a little quote that I would like to put on a piece of paper. I
might give myself four empty pages, blank pages, and then I might visualize where I
want those lines to fit. Now I’m not taking the time to carefully transcribe all the words,
but rather I’m visualizing the space that the words take up. Now most writing happens
on straight lines, so for those purposes I’m doing straight lines here. So as I look at
this page, I can say, well maybe I want everything centered, maybe I want it flushed left, or
maybe I have another idea.

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