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Calligraphy Punctuation & Spacing : Calligraphy Mock Up Tips

Calligraphy Punctuation & Spacing : Calligraphy Mock Up Tips

Continuing with layout, I would like to say
that it’s possible to come up with a good plan just in a thumbnail sketch, but you never
know for sure how it’s going to work. So then the next step, once you’ve decided, (say,
well you want a centered layout, so this is your plan) is to take up your pens, and working
on practice paper, to practice letter, the quote, in the exact pen size, using the exact
text that you want to use. So here I practice lettered it, and cut it into strips. Now I
can take a plain sheet of paper that’s the right size of my final project, and figure
out if this is indeed the way I want this to appear, and actually play with the placement,
and the orientation of the words. So at this stage I’ve made what’s called a mock up, and
if I like the way it looks, I’m going to take tape or glue stick and I’m going to glue these
pages, these pieces down, so I have a template for how I want to do the finished art work.
And this gives me the chance to make adjustments in my design without having to gnash my teeth
and pull out my hair.

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