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Calligraphy Numerals : Guidelines for Calligraphy Numerals

Calligraphy Numerals : Guidelines for Calligraphy Numerals

Before we start writing our numbers, I’m going
to talk to you a little bit about establishing the height of the numbers, and we’re going
to do that by making a pen scale, what’s called a pen scale; I’ve already done one on this
sheet. I’m going to arbitrarily say that we’re making the numeral, 7 pen widths high. And
to measure the pen widths, you take whatever tool you’re using, so, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. I’ve
measured the widest strokes that this tool would make, and stacked them, one on top of
the other. So now I’ve come up with a height that is going to determine where I put my
guidelines; and as you can see, I put guidelines on this page. The guidelines are 7 pen widths,
the interval between the top and bottom line. Now you can go ahead and prepare a page in
which you’ve gridded out, 7 pen widths for practicing.

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