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Calligraphy Numerals : Calligraphy Numerals: 5

Calligraphy Numerals : Calligraphy Numerals: 5

The number 5, another letter that confounds
us, because it doesn’t really look like any of the letters that we’ve done. So, the first
thing, the key to the 5 is establishing a slight slant to the spine. So if you see-
5 has a very short spine, (I’ll just draw a 5 for you here) but the spine has a slight
slant, and that slant relates to the spine of the spine of the 4, or the 1; so, 1,2,
a ball, 3, the cap on the ball, 4. Now that horizontal stroke at the top, is hanging from
the height of the numbers. So there, you can see that, that is hanging right from that
top guideline, it’s not resting on top of it, it’s down below it, and aligned with it.

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