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Calligraphy Numerals : Calligraphy Numerals: 4

Calligraphy Numerals : Calligraphy Numerals: 4

Number 4 – Now we get another practice try
at that straight stroke, which was the basis of the “1.” And, I’m going to show you a couple
of possibilities for the sequence of strokes for the “4.” But we know that the “4” starts
with the straight stroke, like so. Then, we make a sweeping stroke to the left and then
a cross stroke. Now, some people like to start the “4” this way — one, two, three. So, either
way we have a straight spine, we have a sail, and we have a horizontal stroke. Now, if we
analyze where these strokes fall, we’re going to say that the “4” is not equally divided.
In other words, the sail of the “4” doesn’t break at the midpoint of the height. So, we
want to experiment a little bit with the width of the sail and the place where the sail crosses.
So, lots of room for practicing with the letter “4”, the number “4.”

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