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Calligraphy Numerals : Calligraphy Numerals: 2

Calligraphy Numerals : Calligraphy Numerals: 2

The numeral 2 is where we really start to
see a departure from the normal shaping of strokes that we use for the alphabets. So
number 2 is difficult in that, it consists of strokes that we haven’t made before, and
don’t necessarily align with our letters, so that the opening stroke of 2 is a curve,
like that; (well that doesn’t relate that much) the second stroke is the sweep, and
the third stroke is the base; so, 1,2,3. Now we’re holding the pen at about 40 degrees,
so as we’re holding the pen at about 30 to 40 degrees,(need a little more ink) and as
we move our hand, we’re going to see this wonderful thick and thin line happening. So
we can make a 2 with two strokes, or we can add the third stroke to sort of clean up the
cap; so there’s the numeral 2. Again, I’m fitting it within the guidelines, and it’s
going to sort of balance in that space.

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