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Calligraphy Letters, Tools & Materials : Mechanical Calligraphy Tools

Calligraphy Letters, Tools & Materials : Mechanical Calligraphy Tools

So I have a variety of things that you might
just not think about, but realize as you start to work a little bit more on a daily basis
with calligraphy that you’re going to need. So I have different kinds of tapes for example.
And these really do come in tremendously handy. You really need, this is a removable tape.
So it means that you can take something and you can tape it down for just a second and
then you can pull the tape back up. And you know what? You really can’t get along without
that. This is more like a regular kind of tape. Sometimes I’ll use it like this when
I, when I do a piece where I want to put down a whole big thing of tape like this and use
it as a resist. Put paint on one side and then when I pick it up back up again you’ve
got a straight line for the paint. This keeps things together. This keeps things together.
Sometimes I use glue. Sometimes I use other kinds of tape when I’m wrapping. This is a
handy tool for wrapping things because very often I’ll end up packaging something or I’ll
be making a, a case for a diploma or something. Let’s say that I have to transport. And here’s
a pair of needle nose pliers. I use them very often one way and another. Here’s a paper
clip, oh a surprise. Use these all the time. Other kinds of clips. Yes, things that hold
things together. This is another kind of glue. It’s archival, acid free, photo safe. You
might want to make sure that you have that. This is, I use stuff like this when I’m doing
things that are going to be reproduced and I’m cutting and I’m pasting. On a manuscript
that you’re selling to someone, you don’t cut and paste, but when you do things for
reproduction, you can do that. Now this is, this is going to surprise you perhaps, and
delight you. This is called a tube wringer. And I use a lot of paints coming out of tubes.
And I want to get the most for my money, so watch this. Squeezy, squeezy, work hard, work
hard. And now I just squeezed all I can out of that area of my tube. So this is called
a tube wringer. And if you don’t know where to get it, just go online. So that’s some
holding together kinds of things.

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