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Calligraphy Letters A-M : Calligraphy Tips: H,I, & J Words

Calligraphy Letters A-M : Calligraphy Tips: H,I, & J Words

Remember that this is also the word I, as
in I am, so it’s a pretty important letter and it’s an important word also. The J is
actually a letter that was not there in the original Roman. It grew out of the I when
there was a need for distinguishing a sound. So, we’re going to do the absolutely minimal
thing to create this letter, which is, we’re going to give it a little tiny bit of a tail.
So, don’t exaggerate this. What you’re thinking about when you draw this little part of the
letter is just how much do I need. I’m not going to use any more than I need to tell
my reader that this is a J, and to have them read this as a J. So, here’s our H. And our
happy word for H is the word harmony. And I’ve used this word before and I what I want
to remind you is, that within this set of forms there is harmony in that they all go
together. So I’m thinking about harmony as going together. And, in our capital I, our
magic words are imagination and intuition. We start out working with a circle, and a
triangle, and square, and then we start modifying those as we do this alphabet, and change this
alphabet, and go to all the other alphabets that come after it that are generated from
the Roman alphabet. And, what you’re going to find is that it is building your imagination.
The word image is in this word imagination and along with that will come your intuition.
I’ve chosen the word Joy because I think this is a great J word. Take joy in what you’re
doing. Take joy in the beauty of this alphabet and in how beautiful and good it feels when
you actually start to make these letters word perfectly for you.

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