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Calligraphy Italic Capitals: K-Z : Calligraphy Italics: Capital Letter W

A capital W simply combines the strokes of
the V, but they’re slightly more compressed. So if we start here, one, two, three, four,
come up with a pretty nice looking W. However, with some years of practicing enables me to
do that. So it might not work quite so easily. Some points to consider. I’m going to stop
just when the left tip of my pen hits the baseline. I’m going to keep my pen angled,
consistent, and I’m going to go right over that stroke so I have a nice, pointed bottom
of the W. I’m going to set the pen exactly where I started the second stroke for the
third stroke, so you can see I’m setting the pen right there and I’m making a stroke and
stopping again at the baseline. And I’m going to inject a little curve into the stroke which
allows me to connect here. So ideally, you’re going to have a W that’s on points, not flat
at the bottom. The keys to the W are that we have two strokes that are parallel. See
that. And then we have two strokes that kind of echo each other. This is being constructed
backwards. That’s not going to be as pretty. But that’s the idea. We want to keep the interval
between the strokes even, we want to keep the slant even, and we want to keep the pattern
of straight, curve, straight, curve even. So that’s a lot to keep in mind. And so allow
yourself some extra practicing time for the W. There you have it.

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