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Calligraphy in the Western World : Importance of Handwriting in Calligraphy

But what I want to point out if I may is that
handwriting is so absolutely fundamental. And without the alphabet, we, everything would
fall apart. Everything in our culture depends upon the alphabet. Oh you say to yourself,
well we have computers, well excuse me but computers depend on the alphabet. If the alphabet
were to disappear, computers would have nothing no way of organizing. They wouldn’t be, they
would just fall apart. And then there would be no signs, and then there would be no handwriting
to sign your checks and everything would just go right down the tubes. So paying attention
to the alphabet is, can be pretty important. You know what I do when I meet children if
they are around an age when I know they might be learning about the alphabet, I ask them
this big important question. I say, How’s your alphabet? And then they don’t know how
to answer that. So then I say whatever I think they are ready to hear about the alphabet.
And I mention to them that I am the alphabet doctor. So sometimes I wind up giving them
their own alphabet. This is Kevin’s alphabet. And sometimes I wind up making a deal with
the parents and I give that same child what I call an IQ test. And I have found that I
can sit down with a child and I can just using the alphabet ok, as our base of operations.
I can determine all kinds of things about the intelligence of that child, there was
going to be good things. But I can determine to such an extent that I have had parents
say to me, oh yeah well that’s what they came up with in school. You know that’s what the
psychologist came up with. Only I think I can go one better because I think instead
of just testing them at that point and in that experience, I can also give them some,
or I can open some doorways for them.

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