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Calligraphy in the Western World : Calligraphy in “National Treasure” Movie

Calligraphy in the Western World : Calligraphy in “National Treasure” Movie

Everyone perceives life or their reality from
their own point of view, and I admit that I have a point of view that’s way out there
on a limb somewhere. But as a calligrapher, and someone who has a passion for the beauty
of the alphabet, I would like to share or reiterate with you my fascination with this
particular movie, National Treasure. I think what you do when you watch this movie, is
you let slide all of the silly things about the movie that are just, I don’t know, are
little formulas. But there are messages in this movie that I think are very significant
and worthwhile. Basically it’s the story about this guy who has been searching for a treasure
map, and he figures out during the course of the movie that the treasure map is on the
back of the Declaration of Independence. And, so the whole movie is about how he figures
out how to actually get a hold of the Declaration of Independence, at which point you learn
all about how careful the technology has been created to protect this very, very important
document in our history.

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