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Calligraphy in the Western World : Calligraphy as Daily Discipline

Thank you for allowing me to share something
very personal with you, which is the discovery that I made about ten years after I had made
calligraphy my life and a daily discipline. Someone came to me to ask me to do a poster
for Young Haven Tai Chi. The Young Have Tai Chi study group. And in the process of creating
this poster, I got enough of the description and a feel for the art of tai chi chuan to
know that this was going to be something that I really wanted to do. So I was ever so fortunate
to find myself at Yale University involved in a lineage which is highly respected and
which is so deep and so marvelous that I can’t say enough about it. The person who headed
this lineage who has passed away, but who had headed, who is the head of this lineage,
is professor Chen Monchen. And he was master of five excellencies, including not only tai
chi chuan but calligraphy and painting.

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