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Calligraphy History & Styles : Physical Side of Calligraphy

Calligraphy History & Styles : Physical Side of Calligraphy

I love calligraphy. You know what I think
of it as? I think of it as the great think and do and I think that this is a nice way
to consider it when you are thinking in terms of children being educated to write in school,
that it is not just an academic thing like learning how to read but it has this physical
side to it too where you are coordinating, body, mind, hand, spirit so what is going
to happen from here for you? You know what I’m going to suggest? I’m going to suggest
that rather than going forward that you go back. I’m going to suggest that you go back
to what I call square 1. Square 1 is a beautiful place to be even though it might be a little
bit disappointing and scary at first but to go forward I think what you have to do is
go back. The square 1 experience is an essential part of the learning process and as you return
to it your understanding deepens. It is the great insurer that you do not succumb to the
know it all attitude that inhibits open mindedness and engenders inflexibility and the inability
to deal with change. In your practice you need to continue to evaluate, improve, adjust
and in these continual actions are the seeds of success.

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  • NikitaWill says:

    Wow you can really tell how much she loves calligraphy, at some point she is deep in thought. She is an artist, compliments.
    One day I want to be great as her in my calligraphy.

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