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Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy Relaxed Strokes

Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy Relaxed Strokes

What makes a “Q” a “Q”, the tail. The “R” starts out with a minim
stroke now just like with the “B” and the “D” going to start up here. Think tall and
thin come down like that, see how I made this a little thinner through here. It looks more
elegant, not as clunky. Now the “S” as long spine on the “S” like so, think about this
as being a narrow letter but this is different. This stroke right here goes like this, so
that’s different than the Roman. The Roman would go like this but this goes like this
and this comes around lot like the “C”. The “T” can have a little hairline that comes
above the line if it wants to, just to get out of the way of the next letter here’s our
minim stroke. Relaxed, very relaxed, see we’re starting
to get into, the “U” wasn’t really there yet so we’re just pretending that it was there
but it was beginning. There was the “W” we’re just intuiting a “W”. Very relaxed now watch
this, see how I did that? You don’t have to go back over this stroke or you don’t want
to have to, relax. Little bit below the line, “Z”, think tall, think slender and relaxed.
There you go.

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