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Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy History

Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy History

Right now what I’d like to do is to start
traveling through history with you and I have created this chart which will give you some
idea of what I’m talking about. This is what I’m calling the history of the Roman alphabet.
“As bearers of thought letters record, reflect and sustain civilization.” All right, we’ve
just worked with the Roman capitals. The square capitals are a sort of a variation of the
Roman capitals that are considered the book hand whereas this was inscriptional, right?
People making the letters into stone. The square capitals was a book hand so they changed.
They were using reed for this. And what I’m going to zero in on right now is what we call
the rustic capitals which is a book hand and actually, even though this is a book hand,
these letters were also brushed onto stone to make posters for the public. So some of
these letters were discovered in Pompeii. So we’re going to start with these.

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