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Calligraphy Capital Letters : Calligraphy Letters: Capital E

Calligraphy Capital Letters : Calligraphy Letters: Capital E

The letter E, capital E. Very different than
lower case E. In this case we’ve got a letter that’s completely different. Comprised of
straight strokes, so here we have the spine of the E and then three cross bars. One, two,
three. If we’re going to analyze what we have here. Sometimes I’ll make this line first,
so I’m actually making an L and then I’m adding the cross bars. Nice thing about your grid
lines are they’re going to give you the template for the upper and the lower cross bar. So,
this one is hanging from the capital height and this one is resting on the base line.
Usually, the third one is slightly shorter. With everything in a parallel relationship,
here, here, and here. As far as the exit strokes and entry strokes you can just take off that

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