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Calligraphy Alphabet N-Z : Calligraphy Tips: Writing Letter Y

Calligraphy Alphabet N-Z : Calligraphy Tips: Writing Letter Y

Alright here is our “Y” and our “Y” we are
going to think of this as a two story letter, but what we need to do is we need to join
these three strokes, it is one, two, three and I am going to say that it is probably
a good idea to join these three strokes together. Just a little bit below the center line and
that you want to widen this you know, this ends up sort of looking like a little wine
glass or champagne glass or something. I think what you want to feel when you draw this letter,
that there is enough volume in here to stabilize this letter, at least that is how I think
about it. But you also want to consider the fact that it also a lot of space, a lot of
counter space on either side, so you want to be careful not to let the shape part of
the “Y” get two wide. Oh look at the beautiful words I have chosen for the “Y”. Yin and Yang,
I am sure you are familiar with this symbol. This is the ultimate Tai Chi symbol, the Yin
and the Yang representing the masculine and the feminine, the balance of opposites and
this is a little graphic that I designed and it reads like this, “Freedom balanced by discipline
equals power” and I think the Roman alphabet is a beautiful example of that. Freedom balanced
by discipline and the ability to be able calligraph the Roman alphabet will give you those things,
a sense of balance and the freedom that comes with it once you understand, once you have
those principles under your belt. So there is our “Y” and I would also like to ask you
a question now, which is “why delay joy?” This is a piece that I have done and calligraphed
a number of different times, this question, because I think it is a very important question,
“why delay joy?”

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