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Caligrafía con Pluma Parker 61

Caligrafía con Pluma Parker 61

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Azahara Letras calligraphy and lettering video. Today I’ll show you how writes this fountain pen. Specifically is the Parker model 61. I’ll do a little zoom you will see it … Okay, I think here you can read that it is the model Parker 61 specifically here. If we open it, we see the beautiful nip it has a small arrow wich indicates where we need to put the nip to good writing . Look how nice is its shape with some aerodynamics. In another video, I will make a review with the history and curious facts curious show you how it writes using different papers and different alphabets. The first thing I want to show you is how this Parker 61 fountain pen writes depending on the type of media or paper type, and you’re going to see that it changes a lot, it is almost as important the pen you use as the paper you choose, so I previously made some examples. So like this it writes on Navigator 80 grams paper. This is the typical paper we use to take notes or print any document not very important. The stroke is thick It makes a little effect branching I mean, like ink a little run by the paper. Agree. So with the Navigator paper 120 grams, despite be a very thick paper for me not just not working very well. The stroke looks very thick, because suddenly it absorbs a lot of ink and It makes the stroke thicker. It’s a shame because this pen gets a thin line and very nice if we choose the right paper. Then we have a sample in the Canson sketching block. This is one that I use mostly for calligraphy and lettering. You can see the abysmal difference between the thinness achieved in this block and thickness with the previous paper. Another paper I use most is the Notebook Clairefontaine Rhodia This is also very typical in calligraphy It is 80 grams and does not transparent through. I think it’s the best those of which I’ve tried and the I’ll do the test, because for me It is the best a thinner calligraphy and smoother glides better I always like to try the glossy papers such as coated paper I use it for lettering and the same happens with the Navigator 120, it uses much ink It makes the stroke too thick and even It makes a little branching effect. I also wanted to try on a effect skin effect elephant paper because I use it pretty well for special occasions such as diplomas or wedding scrolls, and the truth is that is not bad. It is a rough paper you will find a little bit of movement while you write, but the stroke is quite nice. Among all these I think You can appreciate that difference how to write pen parker 61 each one of these papers. I’ll take the Notebook Clairefontaine Rhodia, which it is actually an imitation of vellum paper It is a good quality paper wich I always recommend. Now I’ll make a sample for you can see how this pen writes, how you have to grab her and hold her to write well, and how well it glides. Now I step into action, and I will a demonstration of how it writes this Parker 61 pen. First I will start with a phrase in cooperplate calligraphy. OK. Hardly fits the whole sentence. Here it is a sample handwriting Cooperplate I will bring it a little to that you see it better. Of course calligraphy strokes in Cooperplate thick down, so this it is simply a simplification of cursive Cooperplate. Now another sample. I know there’s a lot lovers or fans letter created the Palmer method, and I’ll try to make one that resembles though I am not a specialist in this type of letter, I’m going to try. Please forgive me, because it’s not perfect. It is just an attempt, it is my attempt to make a calligraphy American italics, following the Palmer method. It is too inclined. Okay, now I’ll do another sample with my own handwriting is, rather, my own my own handwriting, my normal letter. Firstly in italics, which it is kind of Spencerian Palmer type, and then with my handwriting handwriting usual. I will do it. This is my regular letter when I write in cursive. As you can see it has been at full speed. It’s a sample of how I would take notes or if I have to write a letter, more or less will write with this calligraphy. But I have one that is not italicized. So I will also show, because as I say, this pen can be used in my daily life. So we continue this is my normal, regular letter, i mean, which has no italics. Well, I’m going to a little closer to see it better. Here is the sample using the method Palmer, although it is a little more inclined than it should, and, well, below regular letter when writing in italics and a little below the normal letter regular. Remember also that it has in Cooperplate here a little above. This It is just a sample for you to see how it writes, how ink flows that you see is a sample. Well, as far the Today’s video I hope you liked it much as I did this pen Parker 61 and if you liked it, please, thumbs up, subscribe to this channel and when it appears here my photo, subscribe if you then give to the bell all notifications will arrive. Also let me comments if you have one Parker pen or if you are a fan of fountain pens, which is your favorite model what the who you like to have. Ok, I said. Thank you very much for watching this video and see you soon.

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