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Cain and Abel | First Two Son’s of Adam & Eve | Book of Genesis I Animated Children’s Bible Stories

Cain and Abel | First Two Son’s of Adam & Eve | Book of Genesis I Animated Children’s Bible Stories

When God created
Adam and Eve, he loved them above everything else he
ever made. He gave them the most beautiful garden
to live in and the tastiest fruits to eat. However, one day they disobeyed
God’s rule. God got angry at
them and asked them to leave the Garden
of Eden. Back ground
music playing. They were very sad
and felt sorry for what they did. Background
music playing, I loved you as my own and gave you everything you would ever needed, Background
music playing yet you failed me
by disobeying me. I am very disappointed in you. You must now leave
this garden and live on earth Background Music
playing In the next few years, Eve gave birth to
two sons. Cain was their firstborn and Abel was their
second son. They loved their sons like God taught
them to love Background
music playing hey both grew up
to become strong and handsome young men. Background Music
Playing Father! Father!
Look, we have two newborn
lambs. They are so naughty!… look at them! God has blessed your flock Abel. You have taken
good care of them, and they are healthy
and thriving. I’m so proud of you. Background
music playing While Cain looked
after the fields, Abel looked after the sheep. Abel was a kind young man who loved his parents and his elder brother. Cain was jealous of
Abel as he grew up he felt his parents
did not love him as much as they loved
Abel. Background
music playing Adam told his sons
how he was proud of his sons and their hard work. He instructed
both of them to offer a sacrifice
to God to thank him, and to seek his blessings. I will give the Lord our newborn lamb
as an offering. I will give the lord a
worthy offering too Father. I am sure he will
be pleased. So be it my sons Get your offerings ready, we will offer them
tomorrow at sunrise In the night Are you really going to
offer the new born lamb as offering to the Lord? Yes brother, I want to give my
best to the Lord After all, all that we’ve got
actually belongs to him. It would be my pleasure to sacrifice the lamb
for God. Listen Abel, this is
just silly. Have you ever
seen God? Or heard him? Father is simply telling you all these stupid stories so that you behave well. Don’t waste your newborn
lamb as an offering. Place an old sheep that is about to die
anyway. You will be wiser if you listen to my words. I am offering some
dried up fruits that I was going
to get rid of I don’t think that is the
right thing to do brother. We would be disobeying
our parents if we offered the Lord anything lesser
than our best. Whatever you do, I am going to offer
my best lamb tomorrow The next day, Cain and Abel did
as their parents had instructed them, and placed their
offering for the God When Cain placed his
offering on the fire the fire died down. When Abel offered
his new born lamb, the fire grew back to
life and enveloped it, consuming it instantly. This was a sign that God had accepted
Abel’s offering and rejected Cain’s. No Music Adam asked Cain why he always looked
unhappy. He told him to love his brother He told Cain that God
loved them equally Cain promised his father that he
would take care of his brother and love him always. Background
music playing Eve was worried
about how Cain was constantly bullying
his brother. She told Abel that although it looked like Cain
was angry at him, Cain actually loved
him and was only trying to keep him safe. Eve told Abel to love and respect
his elder brother, and to be patient
with him. Abel reassured his
mother that she need not be worried and that he would always
love and respect Cain. Eve was very happy
to hear this. She felt lucky to
be the mother of such a wonderful boy! Background
Music playing. Cain, what are you brooding
over? You seem to be unhappy
about something. Background music playing Who is that?
I can’t see you. Where are you? Come forward at once Background
music playing No need to be afraid
Cain. I don’t hide
from anybody. I’m always here, never absent. I am whatever you
see around you. I made you. I am
your Lord. Lord? How come I have never
heard you before? And why do you speak to me now
My Lord? Ive been noticing you
since you were born. I have seen your
childhood, I have seen you grow into a
man and go through your life. I know you Cain. Your thoughts are
troubling you. They do not make
you happy. Why are you sad? Nothing my Lord. I
am just tired and getting some rest after
working in the fields. You can hide nothing
from me, not even your thoughts. Make peace with your
brother, make peace with
yourself. He has never meant
any harm to you. He wish nothing but
your happiness. I am here to warn you that you are straying
on to the path of great evil. You must return to the path of righteousness and be
a worthy brother, and a good son to
your parents Go Now. No music But the evil in Caine’s mind
grew as days passed by. One day he decided to
get rid of his brother Why did you call
me out to the field? Where are you
taking me? Come with me
brother, I want to show you
something, it’s not far. We’re almost there. They walked into the
field, and Cain took him to a spot where he had tied up one
of his brother’s sheep. Cain’s expression
changed suddenly, and he asked his brother You think you are
wiser than me now? Just because you seem
to be everybody’s favorite boy and
God’s chosen one, it doesn’t mean you can
be disrespectful to me. I have no reason to like and
accept everything you do. Background music
playing Cain takes a huge rock he hits Abel
on the head using all his force. Oh my God! What will I tell
Father and Mother? Cain, in a spite of anger, had killed his own brother! He didn’t know what to do, so dug a hole, and hid his brothers
body in it. Cain, where is Abel? He is supposed to have
come home by now. How should I know? I am not his keeper. I have not seen him
mother. Go look for him Cain. You are his brother. Go at once and bring
him home As you wish father. Background music
playing Cain… my son, where are you
going? Where is your brother,
Abel? I am not my brother’s
keeper my Lord. I am searching for
him now. He has not come
home yet. I have told you that no one can hide
anything from me. Background
music playing You have committed
a terrible sin You killed your own
brother. I see his blood staining
the paddy fields. It has soaked the earth
and is crying out to me. He did nothing to
harm you. He only wanted to
do his best. He had nothing but love
and respect for you. He loved his parents and
they loved him back. Why did you kill your
own brother Cain? Oh God, what have I done… what have I done? What should I do God? What will I tell my parents? I am a horrible being. I am lost forever. You must run away
from this land where your brother’s
blood has fallen. Run away from your
parents and go far far away. Oh God! Where will I go, what will I do now? You will roam the
earth until you die and nobody will love you. Nobody will kill you as I will place a
mark on your forehead to warn whoever you
come across that you cannot
be killed. And for the rest o
f his life, Cain roamed the earth
like a mad man horrified by the crime
he had committed.

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