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Bullet Journal January 2019 Monthly Spread 📝 BUJO FOR BEGINNERS | SEWING REPORT

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts in DIY projects
and in this episode I’m giving you a quick look at my continued journey with
bullet journaling or doing the January month at a glance and a weekly spread
now this is my first time doing it and I meant to do this a few months ago but I
didn’t so I took some inspiration from Amanda Rachel E and I will link her
channel below and I made a grid spacing cheat sheet and for January I decided to
make like a cool cover page although I think in future months I may not do that
because it takes up a lot of space and pages and I kind of don’t feel like it’s
necessary and since I’m just getting started
I want to do want to do it simple you know what I’m saying so I’m just using
some hand lettering I’m using my pen tell sign touch pen which works awesome
and I’m just doing January 2019 and I wasn’t sure what to do for the
embellishments but I decided to do sort of like a fresh start
coffee theme I like coffee so I thought I would do a little I’m a little
stretching here at the doodling I have not done this in a while so this is
still kind of new to me but I feel like over time I’m meeting it used to it so I
did a coffee cup like a takeout couple some coffee beans and then I decided to
do a little coffee mug again I’m not the greatest artist in the world but you
don’t have to be you just have to be having fun using some brush pens to
color everything in the one downside with these pens and I’m linking
everything below in my kit these pens do tend to have some bleed through to the
other side so I may try a different brand they work pretty well and they’re
not super heavy but I do notice with it when you’re really coloring something in
you can definitely see it on the other side and I’m using my micron pigment pen
now we’re gonna do the month ahead and I’m just doing some some basic grids
here I think in future months I’m gonna do this smaller although I taped January
in February all at one time so I’m gonna be doing another video for February very
soon so February will have a very similar layout but for future months I’m
not gonna do the same one I just don’t think I need a calendar this large I
could have put the calendar and the big January cover all on the same page so I
think I might do that but from what I understand a bullet journaling is a lot
of trial and error and doing different things and experimentation so I am not
afraid of that so here I am doing the month spread and I keep having to look
back at a calendar to do this which is like I’m like is this right because the
last thing I want to do is get the wrong date on the wrong day that wouldn’t be
great but so far I don’t think I’ve made any huge mistakes so that is a plus I
could have been a little more creative with this and add a little more color
but I didn’t it’s still pretty basic and from what I’m learning from other
Bojo experts out there is to start slow and don’t don’t go overboard you don’t
need to go overboard for the first few months especially when you’re still
getting the hang of it my hand lettering they’re not the greatest doing another
coffee cup here some more coffee beans I really need to come up with some better
themes so we’ll see I maybe I’ll try some flour or something something that
looks cool I really need to improve with the drawing though and now I’m doing the
weekly spreads here okay there my head is in the way of course and I think the
lesson I learned with this also I’m adding these pages to my index can’t
forget that the lesson I’m learning is that I think I want to try to fit more
days on one page and also the way I have it laid out for four days for each each
half of the page that would be eight so for the first couple months I I kind of
just went in order but in reality I think I would like to do Sunday through
Saturday for all of the pages and have that be a little more consistent I think
this will work but I don’t think this is super ideal and again this is not fancy
stuff I’m not certainly not an expert but I just wanted to show you what my
bullet journal is looking like so far I’m enjoying this it’s taking a little
bit of time to do but once you do it you only have to do it once a month or if
you want to do several months at a time it’s not too bad so see I’m doing eight
days on this spread and that yeah and here is what my January spread looks
like you can see my cover page and I will flip through so you can see what it
looks like I’ve added a few things already again I think in the future I’m
gonna do just seven days on each page but I’m trying to figure out if there’s
like some scraggly days like if the months darts on like a Wednesday you
know only have three three or four days for that but anyways I hope you enjoyed
this look at my January spread I also added my grid spacing cheat sheet if you
did hit that like button and you can also check out my other videos on and
bullet journaling and be sure to subscribe to the sewing
report for everything sewing crafts and DIY projects i’m jennifer moore and i
will see you again in the next video

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